Monday, June 29, 2009

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Making Candy!

The night before our vacation we decided to make "hard" candy and suckers. I had never made any nor had I ever attempted to make any, but what the children ask for...they usually get.

The big surprise was how simple it was and how involved Mr. Chad was...LOL. We made summer- themed suckers in grape and apple flavors and cracked hard candy in the same, but we powdered the candy in confectionery sugar. It was candy bliss from start to finish.

I have to admit...they were pretty good, too...and from the happiness and glee spewing forth from all of us in the probably would have thought we discovered the cure to cancer...ok, so not that jubilant...but close.

Mrs. B :o)

*for candy making directions and flavorings try

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

2 worlds a good way. KOL

My children and I are not on the far ends of the spectrum when it comes to music, but today we are all the stars.

The group, Kings of Leon, are so bad-ass. They are true rockers and we are ready to roll with them. Their music sounds good, the group looks good, and something about it...well, it's just the real deal. Maybe, it's because they are family...nah, we like the "Jo-Hoes" , too...but they are no KOL.

I/We think this band has a real future...well, one greater than even their present. If the song, "Use Me", is any indication they may be the top band of 2009...for us anyway.

Rock On, Kings of Leon!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The Shack

Once in awhile, a book comes along that is life-altering. The Shack has been that book for me.

Like many of us, I'm not sure what I expect when it comes to God, the Trinity, my faith, etc. This book gave me a lot of insight on those things.

Mainly, the struggle of loss and how it makes us stronger. Regardless of your beliefs...this book is very uplifting to the soul.

It is the kind of book you will want to pass on to those that you love.

Friday, June 12, 2009

A quiz about your answers before you read them at the bottom.

1) What is my sexiest feature?
a) smile
b) know you're laughing.
c) eyes
d) legs

2) Who would I most like to meet?
a) Barack Obama
b) George Lucas
c) Duff Goldman
d) Mahmoud Ahmadinejad
e) Oprah

3) My favorite sport to watch is ________.
a) college basketball
b) college and NFL football
c) NBA basketball
d) curling
e) tennis

4) My favorite drink is ________.
a) Caramel Apple-tini
b) Cosmo
c) Martini...shaken, not stirred.
d) mimosas
e) Bloody Mary

5) If I was running out of my burning house, what item would I grab?
a) jewelry
b) safe
c) scrapbooks
d) cell phone
e) plants

6) What song have I chosen as my funeral song?
a) Boom Boom Pow
b) Freebird
c) Drift Away
d) Viva La Vida
e) Whomp...there it is.

7) What is my favorite holiday?
a) Valentine's Day
b) Easter
c) Thanksgiving
d) Christmas
e) Halloween

8) My 2 children are:
a) Khloe and Kim
b) Mary and Margaret
c) Ren and Stimpy
d) Catarina and Claudia
e) Jamie and Brandon

9) What is my middle name?
a) Dana
b) Daryl
c) Dawn
d) Davida
e) Desiree'

10) What game show do I want to be on?
a) Jeopardy
b) Lingo
c) The Price Is Right
d) Who Wants to be a Millionaire
e) Wheel of Fortune

11) My favorite color is:
a) purple
b) blue
c) pink
d) green
e) orange

12) I want to take my family on a vacation to where:
a) Paris
b) London
c) Egypt
d) Vatican City
e) New York City

****Don't look unless you've posted.****

Ok, so if you cheated and scrolled all the way down answers are:

1.eyes...but I only say that because that's what others tell me...I think my booboes are OK-enough...LOL

2.George Lucas...planned on marrying him, but met Mr. Chad first. :o) and NFL football..."Are you ready for some football?"

4.caramel apple-tini...a little JD(Scrubs), a little me.


6.Viva La Vida...I even blogged on this before...C'mon people!

7.Thanksgiving...No gifts...just Thanks!

8.Catarina and babies.

9.Daryl...I realize some of you think it's part of my first name, but it is not.

10.The Price Is Right...I wanted to go when Bob was there, but truly I would be happy to be on any of these--minus Lingo. been since I was 8.

12.Egypt...gonna happen when everything settles down over there!

CBB :o)

Wednesday, June 10, 2009


I am drained.
Nothing much to say, other than that!!!!

For 4 hours, I sat...taking tests to make sure that I was competent enough to teach middle school children. Not that I think I am some kind of education-goddess, nor that I should not be accountable...but it was weird testing at my ripe old age.

I, almost, had ACT flashbacks.

However, I made it through all the questions, essays, and case studies. I answered every part of every question. I may not have answered them correctly, but I did answer them...LOL...Now, I just have to wait 30 days to see if I passed. It will never cross my mine...yeah, right!

Mrs. B :o)

Sunday, June 7, 2009

my WICKED daughter, Catarina

What a wonderful night. I know I have ALWAYS made it clear that I want to be Galinda in WICKED and there is only one person that I could ever imagine being Elphaba and that is my wonderful daughter, Catarina.

Tonight, we sang together and laughed. It almost seemed that we were Kristin and Idina...just with a little less vocal talent. It was sooo sweet and perfect...such an honest mother/daughter moment.

...and the icing on the cake, Mr. Chad, as inebriated as he was, was teary eyed. It was not Broadway, but for a brief time it was Beaver...the closest we could be for the time.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

There is a reason I don't teach 1st grade!

Actually, there are many...and here are a few:
hugs with germs
dirty nails
...and did I say GERMS?
...But I guess at this age it's about love and acceptance and not Purell.
First Grade...a great place to visit, but I wouldn't want to live there.
We can't all be Mrs. Coleman. God Bless her soul!
Mrs. B