Wednesday, March 30, 2011

No post for WR4W...oncology report on Mr. Chad.

Spent the evening at the docs.
He believes the hubs could have suffered a TIA.
(A TIA is a pre-cursor to a possible major stroke.)
Now, that may seem odd with his age, but since Mr. Chad has had both chemo and radiation for his Hodgkins, his chances are higher than others his age to have something like this to occur.
Strike 1.
His father also has high cholesterol which means it is likely Mr. Chad will have it, too.
Strike 2.
Along with a 30 pound weight gain over 18 months, primarily in the stomach.
Well, you know what I am trying to say
Having an MRA and a 2D echo next week.

Keep your fingers crossed and your hands to heaven.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The Voice of Truth

Today is a sad day.
A family will bury their 10 year old only child.
A pain that no parent should have to go through.

I hope that in all the heartbreak suffered by these two parents,
they will get to see their child live on in the happiness
that she brought to others.

Today, I can only offer prayers and condolences.
May this child rest in peace with the angels.

God Bless and keep this family.

Monday, March 28, 2011

UK...Final Four bound, baby.

We love you.
We appreciate you,
...and you have made your team come together.

The team, as individuals, are one of the best in the NCAA, but you, complete them.

The country, cause you know your state has, finally noticed what we are all so crazy about. Your drive sets your team and your fans on fire!!!!

This ride to the final four makes us proud, but make us even prouder. C-A-T-S...cats, cats, cats!

*thank you goes out to Knight, Liggins, Miller and the rest of the Wildcat basketball team, too.

Saturday, March 26, 2011


Saturday started well.
It ended horribly.
Would rather just move on.
Leave this day in the past
where it belongs.
We all have these days, right?

*I think it is this melancholy weather...LOL.

Friday, March 25, 2011

UK v. OSU...what a game!

Dear Coach Cal,
Not sure what you said...
or what you told them to do...
but those CATS were plain ol' awesome tonight.

Beating OSU was great,
but can we not make the game against UNC so close...
I only have 4 fingernails left.

Cat fan 4-ever,

Wednesday, March 23, 2011 dress code.

Today I will be short and sweet (very busy last 2 days.)
Sometimes, when I start to write for WR4W,
I look back at my wedding pics for ideas.
Today, was one of those moments,
but it wasn't a good thing...
it was a bad thing.

There are 2 places one should never wear jeans and/or a cap...
weddings and funerals.
Jeans, I can even handle, but NEVER...and I mean never, a cap.
I think it is disrespectful to the bride and groom or the deceased,
and in most cases, the church.

For me, weddings are a chance to get all dressed up.
New shoes.
New dress.
Maybe a hat, if it is outdoors and sunny?
Regardless, RESPECT the situation...
and leave your cap in the closet--at home!


PS...I didn't want to show pics from my own wedding, I mean, how rude would that be?...but when I googled to find a pic that would even fit this story...none could be found...LOL.
To me, that is an "I told you so" kinda moment!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

He can see...Dancing With the Stars!

Just trying to cover everything here, folks.
Mr. Chad's eye appt. went well. In fact, he was told he had eyes like an eagle...that is super good. She, also, believes it was a migraine and nothing major. Oncology next week, but not as scared since 2 out of the 3 docs think it is a migraine. Will keep y'all posted.

Now on to my biggest guilty pleasure.
It's back and I am excited beyond measure!
(Did not mean for that to ryhme...LOL)
DWTS was hot tonight.
I already have my faves.
Do you?
I loved Hines Ward, Ralph Macchio, and my gal Kirstie Alley!
(I liked Kendra and Chris Jericho, too.)
Can't wait for next week!

Monday, March 21, 2011

when the hubs gets sick...

Very scary day.
My man calls me from work
and tells me that he has lost his vision.
Not completely.
Peripheral and sections, but still frightening.

We spent the day at the doc having blood work and a CT scan.
All was normal.
Now, eye exam tomorrow and oncology next week.
(He had Hodgkin's before
and was treated with chemo and radiation.
Panic comes easy.)
Brain tumor is unlikely,
but have to check for it anyway.

So far, possible migraine.
Yet, when he gets sick or minor things occur,
due to his past illness,
nothing is just a passing thing.
We all start to worry.

Just praying for the best.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Crushin' this Friday on...

cute blog with lots of easy crafts.
me likey!


Love the new album.
Born This Way has some FAB lyrics...
i sent them to my 18 year old as advice...LOL.

Have no idea who designed this,
or how I found it...
I am into tailored suits
(more so when I was a tad bit thinner),
but I am also in love with
shirts that have that BIG bow in the front! 


There's no place like Oz.
There's no place like Oz.
There's no place like Oz.
I love Australia.
It has to be one of the most beautiful places on Earth.
...and the people are so laid back and hospitable.


Classy lady.
Puts her money where her mouth is...
donated 1 million for Japan disaster relief...
and has done similar for Haiti
and New Orleans!
I love you, Ms. Sandy!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011


I like church weddings more than I can tell you,
but outdoor weddings,
they are the best.

Yet, in today's world,
I love the originality of getting married
somewhere that has great meaning to the couple,
or has some sort of historical relevance.

For example my hubs and I got married at this place:

Doermann Memorial Presbyterian Church
Blackey, KY

Look familiar?
Maybe not,
but it is from the movie,
Coal Miner's Daughter,
one of my fave of all time.
(Who doesn't love Tommy Lee Jones?)
It is not a major part of the film,
yet it is in one of my fave scenes.
It is the moment where Loretta tells Doo,
" I'm gonna have a baby."
I hope to use this
same place
 to say
those same words
 in the next 12 months.

Now back to venues,
which I hope to us on my
and 25th wedding anniversaries
to marry my little hubs
all over again:

This is one of the most original chapels
in the US,
in my opinion.
The architect knew exactly what would look great in the setting.
I am in total awe of it!

The I need to say anything else?
Such a beautiful place inside and out.

I could just see
an uber-chic modern wedding
and reception at this place.
Anything NYC makes me green with envy...LOL.

However, if money was no object and I could do as I please...
this would be my wedding venue.
It is one of the most beautiful homes,
on one of the most coveted streets--
anywhere in the world.

*For those of you
 that may have noticed that I left out
one of my favorite cities...Savannah.
I did not.
My 12 year old has already told us,
she will be married here:
and her reception will be here...LOL.

I am going to hold her to it!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Weekend at a glimpse!

Watched this happen:

University of KY--2011 SEC Champs!
Woo Hoo!
C-A-T-S   Cats, Cats, Cats!

and these 2 movies:

Pretty good TV weekend!

Friday, March 11, 2011

Today, I'm crushin' on my own kid!

Eighteen years ago,
at 8:32 am,
my life changed forever.
I became a mother.
 My first daughter,
Catarina Paige Jae Buettner,
was born!
(This is her at around a year...couldn't find the pic from the hospital.
I think SHE threw them away...LOL.)

For me, it seems like it was just yesterday,
yet here she is working,
driving everywhere (except out of state...LOL),
registering to vote,
getting ready to go off to college,
she is now her own person,
not an offshoot of me or a tax credit for her father.
She is a "legal" American.

Happy Birthday, Catarina.
I love you very much!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Happy Birthday, Chuck Norris!

Happy Birthday the man that invented the c-section
by round house kicking his way out of the womb!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

WR4W...Bridesmaids' dresses!

Everyone wants to be able to wear that dress, again...but we all know it never happens. (Well, I hope it happened for mine because I let people wear what they wanted as long as it was black, or black and white!) However, doesn't it just irk you when the bride makes that promise, you know the one, "I have picked out the most beautiful bridesmaids' dresses. They are totally ones you can wear again."...LOL.

I have never seen it happen, or been in a wedding where the dress I wore, was able to be worn again...anywhere. Today though, I have picked out some great dresses that I would wear again and again.

Hope you agree,
if not,
may you be subjected to something pink, frilly, and itchy...
and the pic comes back to haunt you!

This one on the right...
I love.
I would wear it now...maybe not in that color,
but something close to it!

I love all 4 of these,
but the brown one is 100% me!

I would wear all of these,
except that little one in the front.

I am trying to buy the yellow one,
 right now,
as I type.
I swear.
...and if I had somewhere,
on the creek,
to wear the coral one to...
I'd be buying it!

This is the type of wedding that I love.
People are happy,
no one looks the same,
and so much personality is spoken with each dress...
and I would totally wear them all...
even the wedding gown.

Love my WR4W post each week!
Hope y'all do, too!

Monday, March 7, 2011


*After asking the hubs if I could have a new camera soon, this was his answer:

"When I can get this...

You can get this, OK?"

He made his point!

Monday, Monday...Can't trust that day!

Please, tell me y'all concur!
Monday is a dreadful day.
If I didn't know better, I would say it has waaaayyyy more than 24 hours.
Seems like there is always a million things to do...
and that they never get done.
Which then, makes Tuesday almost as dreadful as Monday.

However, this past weekend wasn't too bad.
(After the scare of a lifetime on Friday.
We thought we had lost one of my treasured uncles,
but he pulled out of it. Yeah, Devon! We love you)
Had a little bit of snow.
Finished my fabric cornice.
CATS won!
...and had to go to Wally World.
Here are a few things that I bought:

Dirt Devil Mini Vac

Farberware V Blade Mandoline Slicer

Black and Decker Hand Mixer

For the most part, it was a pretty good weekend...
Just not the one I had planned.
Hubs feels better, though...
just as 13 got sick...LOL.
The girls are off for Mardi Gras break for a few days...
and I am (ALWAYS) working on the house.
Back to the grind!

Monday, Monday.
Can't trust that day!

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Charlie, did you find the map to Candy Mountain?

I always cheer for the underdog...and this time is no exception. My friend is on a "train wreck waiting to happen" and all I can do is watch it. (Kinda like we all did with Brit Brit...but hey, she came back swinging!)

His deplorable habits,
ungodly ways with the ladies,
too much money for one man,
it all adds up to some good viewing.

The more
he talks...
the more
I can't believe what he says...
the more
I want.

Maybe I'm the addict?
Wonder if Dr. Drew will see me now?

Friday, March 4, 2011

Happy Crush Day...and National Grammar Day!


It's really tatertots&jello,
but the ampersand
makes the link look all hinky
when I type it in!
This site is a FAB place for DIY-ers.
Everything from framed prints, free printables,
major decor ideas, clothes, jewelry, etc.
This is one site that I visit EVERY single day!

Everyone knows I want to be "Ga-linda",
but since I'm an average singer...
and would always be resigned to the chorus...
by listening at home,
I get to be ALL the leads!
It is, also, one of my fave cds to sing with the kids!
Catarina and I are perfect as E & G!

OK, so I am not out buying Versace everyday,
but aren't these short "suits" uber cool.
I would totally rock these in a metro work place.
I love the sandal boots in the middle,
but not sure I would wear them...
maybe Versace worthy,
but a little too stripper-ish for me!



(Random Mardi Gras is not working.)

One of my biggest crushes ever.
I gave you the run down on when I fell in love with him
earlier in the week,
but was on such a natural high
over him winning the Oscar
for Best Male Actor
that I wanted to highlight him-

These are my weekly crushes.
It is National Grammar Day, too.
If you found any mistakes in the above writing...I was testing you...LOL.
Otherwise, Happy NGD.
Visit SPOGG.
Write a thank you note to an English teacher.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

WR4W...Weddings and Hats.

Anyone that knows me, knows that I love hats. The bigger the better, but I am also, pretty conscious of when and where to wear them, too.

My main rules are: If they're big-outside...if they're little-indoors is OK...and day hats should not be worn at night. For example, if you are at a wedding at 2pm wear it until dusk...this would mainly be in the summer and dusk would be close to 9, at this point you would probably be home already or re-dressed for a night time event. Hats for men are different, but baseball caps are NEVER acceptable for a dressy event...NEVER, NEVER, NEVER at a wedding!

Recently though, I have been reading up on the Royal Wedding and "hats and hat etiquette" are a little different "across the pond". It seems almost that NOT wearing a hat makes you stick out at a wedding...kinda opposite of the good ol' US of A. (I'll get to that in a minute.)

I think for a bride a hat could only be pulled off by the trendiest of gals...very modern with possibly a short dress, maybe a vintage themed wedding, 2nd marriage weddings...definitely not for the traditional girl, but I do love the idea of the bridesmaids in a hat for an outdoor wedding!

The bridesmaids' examples below...I LOVE!

Now, since I started this post about how I love hats and just kept going and going...LOL. I need to go back to my "across the pond" reference . The Brits love hats. They wear them to all weddings! Yet, their hats may differ a bit from ours at times. I like to consider them headpieces, not always hats. So here are a few "hat" moments from the Royals.

Princess Anne in a Re-do!
Please, click here for a story that is shocking, but amazing.
Does her dress look familiar?
She is one of my fave of the Windsor bunch.
*She wouldn't take titles for her kids from her mother
upon their birth...
I love that!

Autumn Kelly Phillips and Zara Phillips
This pic was made at the Queen's 60th wedding anniversary!

The lovely Kate Middleton

and the most wonderful Royal of them all,
a lady that inspired me and others,
one of the most philanthropic people
to have graced this earth...
Diana, Princess of Wales

Hope you enjoyed today's post.
It makes me want to go out there and become a I didn't want to already...LOL...
Or just crash some wedding where I can wear a hat!