Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Daughters of the American Revolution

Congrats to my wonderful, beautiful, smart, funny, charming daughter, Catarina, who secured her school's nomination for the Daughters of the American Revolution scholarship. This scholarship would help her greatly pursue her dreams of going to the college of her choice.

The D.A.R., in their own words:

The DAR, founded in 1890 and headquartered in Washington, D.C., is a non-profit, non-political volunteer women's service organization dedicated to promoting patriotism, preserving American history, and securing America's future through better education for children.

What a fantastic description of a phenomenal organization. If you would like to find out more you can check them out at: www.dar.org

Way to go, Catarina! We are all so proud of you!
I love you!
I can't believe how fast time has gone by...you are perfect!

Medicine Cabinets

Quick post today. I did a room-makeover for my bathroom. Just some paint, moulding, maybe a floor change, but NOTHING major...LOL. This room did need a new mirror when I was almost finished though, so I went to get one.

When I got there, they didn't have the one I wanted and I was going to have to go to another store. I had them to call the store and hold it until the next day. Bad idea!

Next day...had to take hubs to get mirror/medicine cabinet. (I am not a fan of med cabinets, but I did like this one, so I figured, "what the heck".)

Hubs became very jealous of "my" med cabinet, so he wanted one for "his" bathroom. Well, that's all fine and good, but he has double sinks in his bathroom. So, what did we buy today? $600 worth of medicine cabinets...LOL.


It was still a fun day...breakfast, new vac, tin, and Christmas ornaments, too! I love my Sundays with Charlie. Happy wives and happy husbands make for happy homes. Catarina and Claudia should be happy girls...and they didn't even get a medicine cabinet!


Friday, September 24, 2010

School Pictures

*First of all, if you are any of the people to the left, this post is NOT about you! You just happen to be in the picture I hijacked from somewhere out there on the Internet.

I recently, got my "teacher's photo" proof for the yearbook. Let's just say...I was not a happy camper! In fact, let's get real, I'm not getting any younger, but they sent me back a proof of my mother! I was shocked...and I cried. ( I have been crying on here more than I really do..."in real life"...LOL.)

You talk about someone ready for re-takes...I'm counting down the days like a fat kid waiting for Halloween.

There is no reason that I would think that my picture would look like an aging Jennifer Anniston, however, I was not expecting Cloris Leachman looking back at me, either! My proof was a reminder of how little I get paid and yet how much work I need done...DO NOT JUDGE! hahahaha

You will never see this pic, in fact I'm praying I NEVER see this pic, again, but it's out there...and you know what...eventually all things come out!Poor me, I hope if it ever does, I'll already be in my retirement home!

Smile...and say, "cheese".


Thursday, September 23, 2010

I have 3 doctors!

Dr.K, Dr. M, and BFF-OB/GYN Dr. C...these are my doctors.
(None of which are pictured above...LOL)
This is my story of why I have 3 of them.

Right off the bat, Dr.C is my hoo-ha doc. I don't need to go into much there. Ladies, we all need one. Find one you like, you trust, and you can text when you have "dumb-butt" questions that Web MD fails to answer.

Dr. K, I have been "seeing" for close to 7 years...I know since my return to "the mountains". He is smart and handsome...LOL. He is very thorough and I like that in a doctor, but he is also a foreign national that was brought up with a silver spoon in his mouth...so I tease him--a lot! The hubs sees him, too. He is a good guy.

Over the past year, I have discovered Dr. M, though.
Dr. M graduated from the med school I wanted to attend. He is an osteopathic doctor and sharp as a tack. He doesn't BS around, either and I like that in my doctor. I have been pretty fortunate that nearly all my docs don't tiptoe around me. They point and shoot...even if I don't agree with them sometimes.

They all know how I feel about meds. I won't take pain meds or antibiotics and prefer not to be put in the hospital if I can treat "it", whatever "it" may be, at home. They have seen me through whiplash, pneumonia, minor depression, weight gain (see minor depression--again), thyroid issues, etc...and somehow, I'm still living.

I guess they know what they're doing and I respect them all.
Thanks for being doctors y'all...
well, my doctors, anyway!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

No more re-runs!

It is fall and that means NO MORE RE-RUNS! I am officially psyched for this television season. Mainly, House and all the CSIs, but there are a few others. I can't wait to try to lose weight with The Biggest Loser, pretend I'm dancing the cha-cha with Maks on Dancing With The Stars, and shouting Ba-Zinga with Sheldon (Big Bang Theory) whenever I know it will annoy my husband, singing at the top of my lungs with Glee, laughing with Tosh.0, and envying Agent David (we all know you LOVE Tony).

Yet, it pains me to say these words, "I have missed you, Chuck!"...LOL. (No, not THAT Chuck, the "spy" Chuck.) All I can say is TGF-DVR. Cause I can't wait to get my "TV watching" on...how about you? What are you watching this season?

****Oh, a little 411, too! One of our very own is competing on The Amazing Race...2009 Miss Kentucky, Mallory Ervin, and her dad Gary! Good Luck and bring home the win to to the bluegrass state! We are all pulling for ya!

Sunday, September 19, 2010


{Not sure who created this board...if it is your work, please email me and I will give you credit.}

Had I married a man of money...and simply been a lady of leisure...I would sit around and plan weddings all day. No one would even have to pay me!

When I hear folks talking about how weddings aren't important...I shutter and tears secretly flow from my eyes. Are you kidding me? It is the ONLY time a man KNOWS they must dress up and it is the time that most women will tell you they felt and looked beautiful...and I can add--I have NEVER seen an ugly bride.

It is a time when all surroundings are tied together with some element of color. Ahhh, Summer-red and black weddings, Fall-orange and browns, White winter weddings and the beautiful pale colors of spring...I love them all.

Many times, I will sit and just look through wedding boards on all the great wedding sites. Wedding blogs are even better than commercial sites...and these are real people. People with budgets and DIY stuff. I could do this all day...every day.

I am so in the mood for a wedding...Now, let's see who I can fix up with one of my cousins...Any readers have brothers...LOL.

Friday, September 10, 2010

I am content ...or I really should be.

There are times when you have those reflective moments...not, A-HA ones, just reflective ones where a feeling comes over you that makes all seem right with the world. I normally, have these in my swing...the one in my backyard, not the one on my front porch. (Yes, I have 2 swings.)

This occurred today and a feeling of contentment swept over me like never before...I really think I was at peace with myself. I am, normally, all tied up in what is "going" to happen or what "has happened", but not today. I think maybe it had to do with being alone. The hubs was at a race, Claudia was with a friend, and Catarina was out. (I know where they are, even when they are not here.) It was just me...here...on that swing.

I was thinking about how lucky I am, but it's not really luck...I think I'm fortunate. I have a great husband, perfect kids (don't we all?...LOL), a good home, food in my fridge, money in the bank, at what point do we say , "OK, this is it!".

I think I'm there
...for today!

Saturday, September 4, 2010

If you're looking for Amy Tan...don't stop here!

I am not a professional writer. I am a blogger. I make typos and grammatical errors all the time. I have a degree in communication and 2 states have certified me to teach Language Arts (if I want to), yet I am human, and mistakes occur.

At times, my mind moves much faster than my fingers. I like to have a few pals to read and edit, but that doesn't happen all the time either. So, this blog is what it is.

If you come here looking for great "writing"...move on, but if you want a laugh, a cry, or just something to read...welcome!

Mrs. B

College Football, baby!

Am I ready?...You know it! The time is here and I look forward to it more and more each year. I LOVE football. College football. Pro football. High school football. Flag football. It really doesn't matter. I love it!

Problem is I have to hide my feelings for it. (*Women, do not let your man know that you love anything that they do. It will put a damper on many of your plans.) If they know you want to watch the game, they will tempt you with things like, "I'm not a USC fan, let's run to Lowe's" or "It's Alabama and a community college like team, I want to go out to eat". Don't buy it. They are testing you.

Here are some fool-proof excuses that will allow you to watch and never give away your true feelings for the game.
  • I don't feel well, maybe I should rest. Why don't you put on the game and I'll just sit here with you?
  • Dang, all Bravo is showing are re-runs of Top Chef DC, guess I'll lay here and watch the game with you...since nothing else is on.
  • I'm going to do e-mails and "grade papers" (insert whatever your profession calls for), so you can watch the game while I'm doing that and then maybe we can run to wherever.
  • Let's try the new surround sound, I haven't heard it. I bet it sounds great with fans yelling in the background. By the way, who's playing??
  • "So and So" were going to the game today. They said they were in the end zone. Let's watch and see if we see them.

I can not guarantee these will work for you. You may have to re-word them to fit your situation, but...it is game time, and no matter the excuse, remember: the end justifies the means...LOL.

Am I ready? You know it! OR Gee, is it football time again? Honey, I didn't know.


Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Ripped Pants

Just something to share. If I thought it was bad to fall at school, something worse happened.

Thank God, Allah, Buddha, and the Flying Spaghetti Monster that it happened at the end of the day and no students saw it. Let's just say, I am no longer a GAP size 12 and that Sponge Bob and I now have something in common, other than our love for a pet snail.

Anyone want to exercise with me?...LOL.