Thursday, April 29, 2010

"C" is for cookie!

What a day!
I remember why I teach.
It's not because I expect my students to "master" every concept--
I put before them...see above...LOL.
It's because I make a difference in someone's life.
I'm like a tour guide.
These beautiful minds are on a journey...
and I get to help them "learn" to read their maps.
...and sometimes...I'm rewarded with a cookie.

If you give a teacher a cookie,...I ,at least, hope my reading students get that reference...LOL.

Mrs. B

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Change of Scenery

That's the left. Well, in my mind it is...both physically and location-ally...LOL.

I am so drained by life sometimes. Sitting in the car, waiting in a line, holding on the phone--seems like half my life is going by quicker than I can live it. It makes me tired.

Today, I woke up crying. My teenage daughter is getting ready to go to the prom in a few days and I wanted to stop and scream, "Wait a minute, she doesn't know how to tie her shoes yet!!!!", but then I remember that same little girl is going to be a senior in high school in 3 months.

The whole day proceeded with me crying and wondering had I been a good enough mom, had I done all the things needed to prepare my children for the future, to be a role model of what a strong, intelligent woman should be, if I had come across the Lifetime Network for Woman...I probably would have cried myself to death--right then and there.

So instead, I believe I just need a vacation...and so does my mind. :o)


Thursday, April 22, 2010

Passage to Narnia

My husband built a HORRENDOUS door to our crawl space. At least, those were the words that came out of my mouth when I asked him what the heck was going on with "the door to the crawl space". Actually he says it happened more like this:

Me: When are you going to finish the door?
Him: It is.
Me:It's Horrendous!
(and that was pretty much it...LOL)

It wasn't just didn't look like what I had pictured, so I wasn't "downing the project"...just shocked. So, then he makes me feel guilty for using the word "horrendous" for a few hours and the proceeds to "fix it".

Needless to say, after building one door then revamping it to another, the door above emerged and I LOVED it! I said to him, "It almost looks like I could go through and find Narnia" which he replied, "No need to be a smart ass," and grinned.

What can I say, I just love him...and his door. Thanks, babe. Next week we're building a deck...LOL


Monday, April 19, 2010

LG 840 phones...IMO.

This phone SUCKS and so does LG. I would NEVER recommend this company or it's services to anyone. My "fake IPhone" that I had to have b/c of my carrier (another story all together) was a piece of crap from day 31. The screen started having problems then and NEVER got better...120 days in, give or take a few, the whole touch screen went out.

After being sent for repair, 6 weeks later I got it back as simply...UN-repairable. (Spelled just like that...LOL...I'm not even kidding.) Today, I spent over and hour on both phone conversations and "live chat" emails where absolutely nothing was accomplished either.

Tomorrow, I'm coming after you Mr. CEO and you can explain to me why your stuff is "the best" and how you "stand behind it" and I will explain to you why it's NOT and that you don't.

Mrs. B

Friday, April 16, 2010 sick...wwaaaahhhhhh.

I am not a good sick person and I have a hard time tolerating sick people, with the exception of my children. I find being sick is a sign that you're weak. Well, folks...I am weak.

Thursday morning I got up...or tried to and could have sworn I was dying. I couldn't breathe. My head was "stopped up" and throbbing. I was dizzy and crying...not from pain, just crap was running out of my eyes. I had to use a sick day and our school gets crazy when you use a sick day and just it went down hill from there.

See, the problem is when I get allergy/sinus/cold sick there is nothing I can take. I have high BP and I take thyroid meds, so I am out of luck when it comes to decongestants. Turns out I have to "try" to sleep it off.

Have you ever tried sleeping when you think you're dying because you can't breathe? Turns out, it doesn't work that well. Anyway, Long story short...Friday was almost as bad and the weekend didn't see me getting much better. I will be at school come Monday, though...or you can bet I'll be dead...from dander, or pollen, or germs...does it really matter?...LOL.

Mrs. B

Friday, April 9, 2010

Weekend at the Parkers

My hubs is odd. Heck, I'm odd.
We are so different, but both very peculiar...LOL.
I swear this is true.
He has friends and I have friends, but very few couples are friends that we share.

The Parkers (above) have become my hubs "distant family".
He says that they make he feel at home and they aren't pretentious.

In 4 months, we have stayed with them (on and off) for about a week. The Parkers live in New Orleans and I knew them for many years when I lived there. For years, I have crashed on their couch while passing through to Lafayette. However, for the last couple of years, I have been going a different direction to visit the girls and had not stopped to see them as often as I would have liked.

In January, when we went to Erin's NOLA wedding, the Parker's invited us to come stay with them. The were definitely the hostesses with the mostesses. However, everyone was doing their own thing. This trip, though, we planned things to do together.
On Friday, the adults went to the D-Day Museum. It was better than I remembered it and Mr. Chad loved it. They now have a 4-D movie about WWII and it was breath taking. Visit it here @

Saturday, we all went to the Audubon Zoo which is one of the best zoos in the country. Well, I'm not sure about that, but I loved it when I lived there and I love it now just as much...LOL. Besides, my hubs had NEVER been to a "real" zoo. A petting zoo-check. The wild animal zoo that lives outside our back door-check, but a honest-to-goodness-real-life-zoo...NEVER. He had a blast. I mean, he and his family ARE LIKE flippin' Dr. Doolittles, and I ain't kiddin'. The Zoo has it's own website. Check it out @ . We, also, ate at Hard Rock and visited the French Market after the zoo.

Sunday was Easter. We attended church together at where my hubs was unusually surprised with all the "Alleluias" we had to say. (He should be thankful I didn't take him to a Catholic service. Imagine how his knees would have felt?...LOL.) The choir sang one of my favorite christian songs: Newsboys, He Reigns. The girls and I took communion and all was right with the world. We left with the message that Jesus lives!

Mr. Chad surprised us all when he said that he was OK with Olive Garden for lunch, but he didn't surprise us when he ordered chicken strips...LOL.

That was our adventure in a nut shell and mainly a "shout-out" to the Parkers. A family that we are so blessed to know and that makes every trip to NOLA now an adventure. We love y'all.

The (Buettner) Boyds

Monday, April 5, 2010


In my dreams, and currently quite content with living vicariously through my children, I have wanted my eldest to attend the USNA--along with other outstanding universities like Notre Dame, MIT, or any Ivy League school.

This sweet child of mine, though, is very secure (I think) in who she is and what she wants to study...and I support her 100%. That being said, I will let HER decide where she goes to college, but I will have a BIG say in where she will NOT go. :o)

Today, she got her summer acceptance letter to the USNA summer program and finally...her father and I agree on something whole heartily. A USNA education means a free college education, travels, the right connections, and a GREAT retirement.

However, for the last year or two, Catarina has changed her "probable" major from mechanical engineering to chemical engineering, both very admirable fields, but the USNA does not have a chemical engineering major and for her that is an issue. She is her own Captain and ultimately...SHE will make the final decision of where she goes, and as much as it pains me for her to pass up this "college" for that reason, I would fully understand.

After the summer program, she still has a few months to decide, and I will not pressure her either way, but I hope she allows for some guidance on this, because if it's one thing I do know... you really need someone to bounce your ideas off of when making MAJOR decisions. Something, I never had.

Mrs. B