Friday, June 24, 2011

Cut-Thru Adventures

 The Start of the Adventure

 Getting ready to "tube" through the

 Our "Helm's Deep" pic of the Cut-Thru...LOL.
(We are total nerds.)

 Love this pic of Claudia looking at the scenery.

 My hinky foot, Mr. Chad's knees, Claudia's foot...
and the beautiful Big Sandy in front of us!

 Mr. Chad chillin'.

 The Cut-Thru.
(The water below is where we were tubing earlier.)

Claudia and mr.Chad...wwaaayyyy above sea level!

Catarina wanted to go kayaking/canoeing when she was here last month, but the Cut-Thru Adventures place was closed on Memorial Day, so we had to issue her a rain check. We, of course, joked with her about how Claudia would love to do it this summer while she was here and how sorry we were that we could not take her...LOL. We were really trying to rub it in just to tease her.

Well, Claudia's turn came up and we drove to Pikeville to take her canoeing. When we got there, we were informed that "innertubing" was an option. Really? You can inner tube down the Big Sandy?...Yes, you can!

It was wonderful and bizarre at the same time!

First, let me explain what the "cut-thru" project it.
According to the Kentucky Tourism website:(
                                     The Pikeville Cut - Through Project was conceived by visionary and former Mayor William C. Hambley, a life long resident of Pikeville. The Cut-Through Project began in 1973 and was completed after 14 years of constant construction. The project created over 400 acres of usable land for civic expansion and growth by the 18 million cubic yards of earth that were moved. The Cut - Through Project has freed Pike County from the floods that plague so many Eastern Kentucky counties and is to date the second largest earth moving project in the world.

Wow, who knew?...and right here in my own backyard!
Anyway, all you locals, if you get a chance...this is well worth the money!
Just $10 a tube for almost 4 hours of water time!
It was a fun, family day.

Life is good floating in a river..on an inner tube!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Happy Anniversary, Chad Boyd!

Three years ago today...
I married the man of my dreams.
A stand-up guy to all.
Someone that loves me no matter what...
Mr. Chad,
you are a kind and loving person.
I know I say that all the time,
but it is always true.

Our everyday life is not easy.
We are opposite in ways that people can only imagine,
but marriage is a job.
One that each of us has to work at daily.
Thanks for being there, kid!
...and giving it all that you've got.


Thursday, June 16, 2011

Come will be alright.

Spending some much needed time catching up on my blog.
Well, mainly reading those that I follow...LOL.
Have decided that it isn't worth throwing away...and I will pick things back up on Monday.
June 20, 2011!

I have been editing posts that I have written, but not posted.
(Should have just left them alone...they weren't half bad.)
So check back with me soon...
enjoy your life and who you are...
and blog yourself.


Saturday, June 4, 2011

Catarina's Grad Party

Celebrated my daughter's graduation today with an Open House/Party.
Lots of family and friends spent the day with us
at The Garfield House in Pikeville, KY.
It was a glorious and sunny day.
Perfect for good food and laughter.

My heart is so appreciative to all those that chose to spend the day with her.
A very BIG thank you to Robin of Robin's Cakes
for letting Catarina's cake be one of her last before her retirement.
Oh, and a special "shout out" to my hubs for doing a video at the last minute.
The Girls and I love you!
Again, thanks to everyone for celebrating with us!

 FAB cake...tasted like a little piece of heaven.

 Molly, Karen, and Callie

 Nana and Uncle Jamie

 Ty, a few hours before his own graduation!

 Aunt Fern, Sissy Rhonda, and V

 Peg, me, Gina

 Papaw Jeff

 Mr. Chad, me, Catarina, Charles, Phil, Junlina, and Ty

 Karen, Catarina, V

 Catarina and Peg!

 JD, Catarina, and Miss Mary

 Catarina, Ms. Christie, and Chris

 The Buettners
Grandma Nona, Charles, Catarina,  Grandpa Bob,
Emma, and Uncle Ray

 Aunt Jamie, Catarina, Uncle Bunny

Catarina and Aunt Black

Wednesday, June 1, 2011


I can not say enough about this site.
For years,
I have clogged up my computer with bookmarked things that I forget about days later.
Now, I can put them all in one place,
separate them by boards,
and gander in and see what I would like to do, eat, drink, or just look at...LOL.
I love it.
You have to have an invite to join, but any member can do that for you!
(email me...I can invite you.)
I "highly" suggest you visit and see for yourself.
You will not be disappointed.