Wednesday, August 20, 2008

thinking about plastic surgery?, too!

It is such a down day. One of those where I am not unhappy with my body, but flippin' miserable with it...LOL. I need Dr. Diamond (who, by the way, is married to the sweetest girl ever, Jessica. She was totally one of the nicest girls EVER from high school...LOL.)

I have always said that I am not above plastic surgery, but I have to wait. I mean--for the love of God, I'm only 35...I know that's 70 in Hollywood-years, but I live in the boonies. Anything that needs to be done NOW-- I should be able to do with out going under the knife. OK, so I can't fix my teenie-tiny deviated septum, but my face is OK, otherwise...and everything else is just a tad jiggly, mainly due to little debbie's and pringles...LOL.

BUT, and pardon the pun, a BIG BUT, this decision should be left up to the individual. Whatever it takes for one to be the best they can be...well, they should be allowed to decide for themselves what THAT is. Right? I say, go for it--just know when to stop. You agree? I thought you would, but we should really thank Michael Jackson for keeping it real and...putting things into perspective for us. We all know--who's bad?

Love what God gave you, but feel free to fix it up.
Mrs. B :o)

Sunday, August 17, 2008

"MY" classroom...2026.

This is it...the most dull classroom that I had ever been in--and it was mine. However, the moment I opened that door, it was like stepping into Narnia. I knew adventures were ahead and that I was going to meet the most special, most unique people. My life was, from this moment on, forever changed.

By the time I had left today, I had re-done everything, least in my mind I had, everything except for calling an educational-interior decorator. I was overwhelmed about what to do, and had to let go of doing it all in one day, or one week...but I knew it would all come as it was meant to...

I drew out plans of bulletin boards, and posters, and seating arrangements, but then thought...maybe I should let the kids have some say-so on their learning I will wait and get some input from them. I am so excited this must be what it feels like when someone says, I feel like a kid in a candy store.

Well, I need to finish up my ideas before I go to bed...LOL, who am I kidding?? My ideas are never finished. Life (teaching) is a work in progress.

Take your seat, class.
Mrs. B :o)

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Even old gals get new school clothes...LOL.

Ok, so doesn't everyone get new school clothes? I like to think that they do...I always loved the first days of school b/c everyone seemed to be like pictures from the latest "sale flyers". In my little town, it was flyers from Sears, JCPenney, Dawahares, or Wal-Mart. Now that I'm older...I still prefer most of those stores anyway.

I love JCP. My granny always thought they had the best "bang for their buck" and it was easy for my mom to order me stuff from there and have it shipped. I waited religiously for a week once just for the UPS guy to deliver me a new rain slicker that my mother had ordered...LOL. ( it was pink with a rainbow on the back and had 3 little holes under each arm pit which kind of weirded me out, soooo I never really wore it...after a month or so, I acted like I lost it...LOL...sorry, Mom.)

With my new "real" job in mind, my husband wanted to take me school "clothes" shopping...OK, so you know I'm lying...LOL. He didn't want to take me, but went without bitchin'...same thing in my book...LOL. It was nice, and I did him proud...30 minutes and I was finished... in and out...2 pair of slacks, and 4 shirts. I was ready. ( Had I not felt like a "pig" when I was buying could have turned into a nightmare for him b/c they had some deals goin' on...LOL.)

I came home, hung them up and looked at them for a moment. I then closed the closet door, and smiled because I knew I was ready for school.

Mrs. B :o)

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

I am a teacher...I think.

Well, It has happened. Somewhere in a little town in the middle of nowhere (actually 20 minutes from my front door)...I am now an official teacher. Thank you, Lord...or I guess I should say, "thank you, Kelly Hall".

I took a chance, out of sheer desperation, and called everyone that I knew that I thought may possibly be able to help me find a job...and I guess it worked. Kelly and I have known each other our whole lives. We grew up a football field's length away from one another. A great guy to say the least, and now I owe him one.

I know it was the 11th Hour, and desperate times call for desperate measures...and well, it worked in my favor, and I am now teaching. Not just teaching, but teaching in the field I want to teach--Math. Now, I am no Euclid, but I love kids in math b/c most of them do not want to be there and you have to make it fun and make it real for them to see how important it is...that there is meaning to all those numbers and letters.

How ironic, I am now a variable.

My life will now consist of putting forth numbers(in a "big way" if I want to keep the job), by teaching numbers, to a cadre of numbers that must produce "big" numbers on numbered tests from the numbers I put forth. Maybe I should be teaching philosophy?

Anyway, here I am...Class, let's begin.
Mrs. B :o)

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Appreciate Compliments

Fat girls striving to be me...LOL. How funny is that?... I use the term fat loosely and in jest b/c I definitely consider myself one of the "fuller" ladies these days...LOL.

Yet, I love this fact. Not b/c I am "fuller", but the idea that someone thinks my size is OK. Now wait, you are absolutely right in thinking these are "larger" ladies, but it is the same way I feel about wanting to be Gwen Stefani. (I ain't no holla-back girl). We all want to be someone else sometimes...maybe we do not want their life, but maybe their hips, abs, or legs would be OK?...

The concept that anyone would look at you, regardless of size, and think, "this is what I am aiming for", is really one helluva compliment...I'm not downing myself, but there are plenty of other people out there that look far better than I...LOL...better than you,, isn't it soooo nice when someone says something like that to you? I won't lie...I LOVE it!!!!

I may not love my jiggly tummy at the end of the day, and I may not love that I do not wear single-size fashions anymore, but I have definitely learned to accept compliments without making excuses. It's a great trait to acquire on your life's journey, but sometimes hard to do...but you must...b/c it makes it a lot easier to look in that mirror every morning or down at that scale every night. You are who you are.

Respect Yourself--and let others do it, too.
Mrs. B :o)

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Daily Plate...for health and nutrition.

By now, we all know that I may not be the healthiest person, but I do constantly try to keep up with my diet, I worry about my health, and I am always reading up on nutrition. Not that it works or anything...LOL, but I am generally concerned for myself. Summer of 2007 was, by far, one of my sexiest summers--ever, healthiest, too...LOL. I ran 5 miles every other day--minimum. I worked out at the "Y" everyday. Many days, I would do the "2 a day" thingy, but somehow I got out of it and went to hell in a handbag. ( Have I blogged about this before?...LOL)

On to the point of today's post. I ran across this awesome DAILY PLATE site and I love it. I'm not sure I can dedicate myself to it whole-heartily, but it is fabulous when it comes to health, diet, exercise, etc. People are very involved with responding to your post and giving advice. I like how it's very real. Folks will tell you things in a matter-of-fact way, without being mean and it truly seems like these people care about how you are progressing and want to encourage you to strive to meet your goals...regardless of who you are.

Lance Armstrong and his foundation are affiliated with it, too, but I am not sure how. I like him, it somewhat helps me trust the website more...LOL. Thanks, Lance. LIVESTRONG.
Just a little heads up for you new dieters, exercise-aholics, or health's a good site.

Mrs. B :o)

Goodbye Win-City...

It was much harder than I thought it would it be...for one year I lived by myself and never realized how much I truly enjoyed it...LOL. I love being married, don't get me wrong, but there is a wonderful feeling knowing you can eat straight out of the Cool-Whip container while standing in front of your fridge in just your skivvies...LOL.

The nights of drive-thru Rally's...ahhhh, me heart will miss, but not me ass...LOL. Mary cooking dinner with JD, a little TV watching, and then a pedi before I left (Yes, I did have to do the treadmill before she would, but it was totally worth it...LOL). Deciding each day with Sweet Dee what we were going to have for lunch. Learning to sew with Val. Gossiping in the office about God-knows-what...LOL. Watching Gin's belly grow along with all my friendships. I really had an empty place in my heart when I pulled out of my driveway for the last time.

Yet, I believe everything happens for a reason. I ended up in Winchester because a plan by some higher being was put into motion. They knew I needed to grow to get where I am today. They knew there was someone in me that I wanted to be, but didn't know how to get there and surrounded me with those that could help...a cowardly lion (Gin into motherhood), a tin man (Mary learning to let people love her), and the scarecrow(JD going back to school)...and with the help of the wizard (Clark...stop it, y'all...I know I could have used a munchkin analogy)...we all ended up in our own "home".

Goodbye, Yellow Brick Road.

Mrs. B :o)

Friday, August 8, 2008


I am guilty I need to drink more water, but unless it's scorching hot outside...I'll pass. Give me a cola, a diet green tea, or heck...give me an imported beer...LOL.

It's funny that the one thing, other than air which I think is currently still free...LOL, that one needs to live, just does not taste that great to me and I have to pay for it.

Now wait, I'm a Fiji-whore...i do like the taste of that water...and I'm drawn to it's square bottle, but it's NOT worth it's price. I guess, when I add some lemon and a few packs of Sweet and Low, I'm good...but haven't I now made lemonade...LOL.

I am always saying how I need to drink more water. My doctor is always saying that I should drink more water. My friends are are all on the "drink more water" kick, but I'm just putting this out there...Can you make it taste better?

Mrs. B

Olympic Fever

08/08/ is on. The opening ceremonies were, by far, the best that I've seen in the history of the olympics. I almost feel bad, b/c you know some family-somewhere went hungry so that every tourist could have a sparkler. Oh well, today is not my day to save the world.

I am excited just waiting to see Michael Phelps and all of the US swim team compete. Go Dara Torres!!!! Catarina has me interested in the beach volleyball. I may try to watch some of the gymnastics, but I'm sure coverage will be non-stop and all over the place, so I'm ready and pacing myself...LOL.

Go Team USA!

Mrs. B

Thursday, August 7, 2008

New job...No Career--yet.

I am so depressed. I have a degree and have been hired to work at a job where... I will sit on my ass all day, answer phones, and if I am lucky get to see the sun, at least once, in an 8-hour period. I am not complaining, so far everyone has been cotton candy nice, but I hope my husband realizes this is for ease his mind. I'm driving 65 miles a day to make roughly 65 dollars a day. I am not trying to be mean, but if we lived near civilization, I could utilize my degree and make double, maybe triple that for working in my field. Nothing else today. I am just so damn depressed.

Mrs. B

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

School shopping with my girls...

The last few days before the girls go back is beyond hectic...clothes, school supplies, shoes, and final truly drains me. I like it to an extent b/c it helps me forget they are leaving and that I won't see them again for a month to 6 weeks or even longer as they get older and have their own lives...However, it is the one time a year that I find myself jealous of their father and Ms. Trish, his wife.

I get jealous, at times, when I realize that I am missing bath time, reading before bed, and packing lunches, but I can only do what I already do. I wish I could pick them up after school every day, but that is not our lives and I have to remember, and hope, that I am doing what's best for Catarina and Claudia.

Let's take this back to a lighter note...LOL. My girls wear uniforms to school, and if I haven't already said it before...I AM Yet, watching them look at things like earrings, hats, socks, see their personality come alive. Catarina has to have Victoria's Secret/American Eagle undies and Claudia wants Limited, too whatever...and I laugh to myself b/c my granny could never (and would never) afford those things to me. I guess I'll laugh, again, when I get my clothes "on sale" at Penney's...LOL.

The hardest thing for me, though, is no matter what I buy them...I may or may not see them in it. I make them take everything they buy back to LA...I mean, that's where they will wear it, and I ask Catarina to take pics for me, but that never happens...LOL. (Thank God for MySpace!) I have to believe that I send them on their merry way with not only what they HAVE to have, but what they WANT, as well...I have to believe that...LOL.

Mrs. B

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Company Picnic...intro as wife.

It's official. I am now no longer Mr. Chad's fiance' at his office. I am now, "Have you met my wife, Christy?"...LOL. Never seemed important, really...until now, and although everyone there knows me, (and has, for the 5 years before June 21st...LOL) it was wonderful hearing Mr. Chad say it. It made me kinda giggle inside each time he repeated it. :o)

The company picnic is always nice, but this year...they gave away $14k in cash to random employees (they drew names) and tons of giveaways for the kids. It was above and beyond for any company these days.

My favorite part of the day was meeting one of Mr. Chad's co-workers grand kids (that's a tongue-twister...LOL). She was a sweetheart and wanted to hang with me all day. There is a story behind her and her situation, but all I can say is that I was very touched to have spent the day playing with her. I had a blast and I hope she did, too.

Mr. Chad and I walked away with no cash and no prizes, but we spent the day being outside and in love and as you get older...that's what matters.

Ahhhh, summertime...
Mrs. B