Friday, October 31, 2008

The Fallout...of marriage.

My hubby is a gamer. Me, not so much. I mean, I can play games like Luxor, or Zuma, or Peggle, but I can not imagine creating a character and playing for hours, days, weeks, months...or years. Yes, I am talkin' directly to you WOW-freaks. Although this rant is really about the new Fallout.

Here's the story, my husband waits for months for this game to come out and pays for it waaaaay in advance so that he can get it in a little lunchbox carrier. I laugh so I don't cry...LOL.

However, it truly is funny when he is playing. I tend to go to bed and read, so when he appears from out of his office(game room)...I normally get a kiss, and ILY, and some random comment that I know has to relate to the game. For instance, last night, he was looking for a pressure cooker. Well, we don't own a pressure cooker, so I proceeded to ramble thru my mind about where I could find one and what in God's name he needed one for...LOL...and then, as always, I figured it had to do with the game. And it did.

I don't mind that he likes to do this sort of thing, though. I'm sure I have blogged or ranted about this before and like I always say, "he could be out doing something far worse", so I'll stick to having this sort of Fallout when it comes to being married.

Mrs. B :o)

Halloween Homecoming

What school in their right mind would have a homecoming game on Halloween night? Well, notice I said "school in their right mind"...LOL...and it was US.

I'm just going to right a few lines tonight. (It was cold and I'm now tired.)

It was a great night, almost half of my cheerleaders were in the court and they all looked stunning. They looked like cute little women all dressed up with no place to school does not have a Homecoming dance. How lame is that? (Let me answer my own question...VERY...LOL.)

Still the weather was perfect, slightly above a normal chill, but great for a fall evening. I wish my husband and children could have been there...then it would have been perfect.

cold and sleepy,
Mrs. Boyd

Friday, October 24, 2008

Carving Pumpkins

I like Halloween, but not b/c of the dress-up day or the candy. I LOVE to carve pumpkins. It has become "kind of a big deal" around here. For several days before carving day, we search on-line or in our own books for patterns. We mull it over during dinner. We discuss it with Mr. Chad's parents(...LOL...they carve them, too.).

This year, though, I did not have to think hard about what I was going to carve. I knew, though not original, I was going to honor my new position as math teacher and carve a PI sign on my pumpkin...get it Pumpkin PI...LOL.

Anyway, it was cute (as seen above), but more than one person asked what it was.(...are you kidding me?) True, it was not the man in the moon, or the grim reaper, or crazy jack-o-lantern face, but it was the one symbol you should have learned in high school math. Funny as it may seem, I was actually going to put 3.14159 underneath the symbol, but I thought that would take from the humor.

For me, the only down-side to carving pumpkins is not always having the girls here to carve when we do, but I know, I'm sure, their dad enjoys doing this with them, as well as I do...and that's what co-parenting is all about. (At least, I tell myself this to keep from crying...LOL.)

Honoring the Great Pumpkin year after year,

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Lilly Cornett Woods

My first field trip as a teacher was to a place called Lilly Cornett Woods (LCW). Although, I grew up in eastern Kentucky, I was not much of a hiker or explorer in these mountains, but when I came home again in my 30s, I discovered this place and fell in love with it.

According to Eastern Kentucky University's website,
Lilley Cornett Woods, the first and one of the largest protected tracts of old-growth forests in eastern Kentucky, is a Registered National Natural Landmark by the U.S. Department of Interior. The Woods is used primarily for base-line ecological research and advanced undergraduate and graduate instruction by the University, Division of Natural Areas, Eastern Kentucky Environmental Research Institute and other institutions of higher education. Public use is limited to guided tours in this unique forest.

In fact, you must make an appointment to hike the property and only guided tours are allowed. (It is a beautiful place, but I would not want to get lost in there...I always look around when I am there b/c I'm afraid someone will wander out like on M. Night's movie, The Village....LOL.)

Anyway, it was great day for the kids, they hiked, played in the creek (OK, so they looked at lifeforms in the water), watched a falconer, learned about rabies and raccoons (ooh, ooh I'm a rabid squirrel...LOL), and most importantly to them...they missed a whole day of school. :o)
...and that was kind of nice for me, too.

reflecting on Walt Whitman,
Mrs. Boyd

Monday, October 20, 2008

My Warm-Up...Mrs. Boyd

OK, I'm not in full regalia, but I did have on my warm-up jacket...and there is a funny story to this. During the game, I couldn't help but keep looking at the embroidery on the jacket...LOL. Right there, in plain sight was my name--Mrs. Boyd.

Yes, I've been Mrs. Boyd for a few months, but there are always those "A-Ha" moments, and this night was one of them. I was so proud just sitting there in my Lil' blue LC jacket. The only time I ever remember feeling this giddy over clothing was probably back in the day, when I got my Beaver Creek Beavers jacket. (Yes, that's a little shout out to my hometown.) I'm sure my husband loved it, though he never said anything, b/c he would gladly have my "new" name stamped on my forehead for everyone to see...LOL.

Anyway, it was just another happy moment in my pretty-good life and I just wanted to share it with y'all.

Mrs. Boyd

Not the son of a preacher man...but close.

You could have never told me that my cousin, Jr. Boy , would grow up to be a preacher. However, there were many signs of the possibility as far back as I can remember.

He was smart and articulate--so he would never be dull in the pulpit.

He could scream and shout with the best of them--so he would always have a voice.

He was very self-assured--so he would make a good leader...


he was NEVER humble...LOL.
His father was, and even though HE never possessed those traits mentioned above that his son had, he taught all of us the best lesson--A GOOD HONEST MAN CAN SLEEP AT NIGHT.A lesson we all learned, especially Jr. Boy, by watching.

Uncle Solmo, as I called him,never told us some fable from a book, nor did he compare himself to anyone as an example, nor was he likely to pass judgement on anyone...and we learned from him, merely by observation. I guess, technically, he was the closest man in my life to a father figure.

I loved spending the night at their house. It was so very normal. My Aunt Em cooked and was always redecorating or renovating (still does the same thing to this day), Jr. Boy had books, records (yes, folks--good ol' 45s) and toys that I didn't, and Solmo was a working man. Dinner was ready when he got home, he controlled the TV until bedtime, and we had to be quiet because "he worked".

Anyway, I have always thought that I knew at least 2 people, other than my granny, that would make it to Uncle Donnie, a preacher from Tennessee...and my Uncle Solmo, a teacher from the heart--a man who taught me the best lesson ever: Lead by example.

I fall short in so many ways, but I try...and if, I'm sorry--when I fail, I get up and start all after day, because maybe someone is learning from me the way I quietly learned from Uncle Solmo. God grant me the strength to prevail.


Sunday, October 19, 2008

O Brother, Where Art Thou?

I could write today on two meanings of my title...and since I have a little bit of time, I think I will.

My little brother rarely contacts me, and that's OK. We all have "home" and "past" issues, so I don't judge him for that, but I think as we get older we have to let some things go, and become our own person and decide what is important to us. Family is the most important to me, and he is a big part of that, so I am bothered by the lack of communication. Yet, he is not the only one to blame. I do not go out of my way either for him, and I know I should. I assume he wants to live his own life without interference, so that's what I do. I let him be. Whenever he writes or calls, I do not complain and just enjoy the moment. I guess for me it conjures up a literal sense of questioning when did my baby brother become a grown man.

The other part is a more physical idea. "Where" is my little brother? Yes, I know he lives in Memphis, but I have never seen his place, slept on his couch, or had a cook-out with him on his own back porch. My children and I have called ahead to stop and see him, maybe take him and his wife out to dinner, but either no one answers or they don't call back until you're in another state. I now no longer make the effort. For now, I will settle for seeing him on special occasions or during the holidays.

My love for him never changes, regardless of when or where I see him.
Peace out, Bunny!


Saturday, October 18, 2008

Halloween is coming.

...we didn't look like the picture on our costume's packaging labels...LOL. I think that occurs when you purchase them inebriated.

Funny story, though...when we bought the costumes...I wanted an XL b/c I was afraid the costumes were cut smaller than, I found one that had a sticker that said XL, I needed a L for Mr. Chad. However, the sticker did not imply that there were multiple XLs...LOL. Without knowing, I bought a 3XL for me and an XL for Mr. Chad...LOL. Needless to say, both were wwwaaayyy too big for us.

Now, I would love to go into the whole size issue with all of you, but I am going to focus on one particular size of my costume and that is the bosom. I could not believe how big the chest area of this costume was...I swear it seemed like you could put cantaloupes in it...LOL. I laugh, but I am not kidding. I felt so inadequate in this particular "womanly" area.

It took my MIL and her handy-dandy sewing abilities to fix this for me, and I still thought I would lose the top of the costume by the end of the night. The torso area had a cute little corset, but b/c it was sooooo big I had to tie it as tight as possible, so you didn't really see the corset (and it was still loose in the back...LOL). I loved our costumes, though!

All of this adjusting brought to my mind a question, or ponderment if you will, what woman that wears a 3X would put this costume on and go out in public? This is not an insulting assumption. In fact, I would gladly applaud this woman. I mean, I was totally insecure...and normally, I have a so-so positive body image. I was just simply was wondering.

So today, KUDOS to the Big(ger) Women of the world.
All I can say go girls--use what you Mama gave you!!!!

With love,
Mrs. B and all of her insecurities. :o)

Friday, October 17, 2008

ruffled knickers

I live so far into nowhere that I can't find ruffled knickers...OK, so I suppose stores aren't rushing to fill orders of granny-panties with lace across the derriere...LOL, but I need then for Halloween.

Yes, I know they sell them on-line, but I waited 'til the last minute and now I have no time to order them. I looked everywhere, too. Including that store in Norton, where you close your eyes in certain sections...LOL.

So instead of the "fancy-pants" undergarments I wanted, I have to live thru Halloween this year with undies that don't match my costume. Know this, though. I have learned my lesson. Next year (or the next time I seem them), I will buy 5 pairs of ruffled knickers--one in every color...LOL, and maybe one pair for every day of the week.

On a mission from God to find my knickers,

Mrs. Boyd :o)

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

I am Starbucks

I love "frozen" coffee. What do they call it?...frappuccino, ah yes. I call it a coffee-milkshake and Starbucks makes the best. They, also, make the most expensive, but as they say, you get what you pay for...LOL.

Surely, there are sites strictly dedicated to making fun of Starbucks and those of us wasting our money there when children are starving somewhere in the world.

I know. I do feel guilty paying more for something to drink than 2 Happy Meals would cost me, and in bags of rice for 3rd world countries--well, I can only assume that would be like 3 bags or something.

Now wait, I am not making fun. I am the most philanthropic person I know, but Starbucks' drinks are like McDonald's Coke and Diet Coke...they totally put something in it to make you want it...LOL. ( I have swore this for 10 years, my best bud C2 will agree.)

Anyway, I am Starbucks and that makes me feel weird, or if nothing else...average. I am the targeted demographic for advertisers. I am the typical American consumer now...I am slowly becoming vanilla, after all these years of being Neapolitan...LOL. Well, I'm OK with that. I can now blame it on old(er) age.

...and by heck, I like my Starbucks' frappuccino. (Grande Caramel, please.)

Oh yeah, I do save more money now...since Mr. Chad moved me to the boonies and there's not a Starbucks in sight. Thank God, I love to travel...LOL.

Mrs. B :o)

Monday, October 13, 2008

Ragin' Cajuns...I have 2.

Mr. Chad and I traveled to Louisiana to spend a few days with the girls. It's a long drive and we all know Mr. Chad will not fly (yet). It was great doing their daily lives with them, though. It's the one thing I miss the most. I went to school with Claudia. I know most of her school pals and it's always great when they remember me. I watched her play dodgeball and do some classwork. I signed her out and then we went to get Catarina and one of her friends and THEN it was time to pick up Mr. Chad back at the hotel. We had Chick-fil-A and then dropped the girls off at their speech and drama competition.

Mr. Chad got to see his first, homeless wino--which is nothing to laugh at, but he has lived a very sheltered life. Back at the hotel he let Claudia swim while I took a nap. We had Bennigan's for dinner and that day was gone. Catarina did not have to go back to the competition the next day, but had to work at a car wash. I will not go into how it was the worst car wash ever, but I looked at it as giving money to my daughter's team...LOL. (Claudia was still able to write WASH ME in dirt after the car wash...LOL.)

The next day, the girls and I went thrift shopping at Goodwill. Nothing much for us except some books and Band of Brothers on VHS for a buck, but somehow we spent $44, and Claudia came out to the good. We then just hung out, went to Hobby Lobby, and browsed around.

We picked up Mr. Chad after UK's game was over and then dropped Catarina off to work the "car wash". The 3 of us then went to Wally World (Wal-Mart) and somehow Claudia schmoozed Mr. Chad into buying her new luggage. All of this was fine until it became "find Catarina a Homecoming Dance dress"...LOL. Mr. Chad is not a shopper, but he sucked it up and took it like a trooper. She must have tried on 8 dresses, but chose one in the end that was very, tasteful and classy.

As with any trip to LA, we went thru the drive-thru daiquiri stand. We think that's just the funniest thing. (Even when I lived there, I could not get use to that concept...LOL). I was tipsy and ready to eat, so we somehow talked Mr. Chad into going for Hibachi. Now, we never expected him to eat, but knew that he would love the experience...and he did.

When we're with the girls time goes by so fast...and when I drop them back off at their Dad's house, my heart sinks to a new level of low. It's fun to be able to do things with them, but nothing replaces the time that is slipping away, that I can never get back.

I have to snap back into "Christy in Real Life" on the drive home, otherwise I would be a very sad soul. I love my girls more than anything and although, co-parenting is the proper way to raise kids of divorce, it's never fun to have to say good-bye even if it's just for 6 weeks.

Mrs. B :o(

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Happily Ever After...

I saw my Aunt today while shopping. It was weird b/c I felt like an adult with my "buggy" all full of crap. Normally, when I'm with any of my aunts, I feel like a little girl. They always pick up the tab, I'm usually with one of their children, so we're like an older picture that has been taken years before...

She hugged me and asked, "How's teaching? The new house? Married life?"...I was totally in control of being my big-girl self until she said those 2 words--married life. I couldn't control what started happening. I almost giggled out loud and my cheeks pushed up and my mouth opened to one of the biggest, truest smiles I'd had in forever. Do not ask me why? I have no earthly clue, but I think I got dizzy and almost fainted with happiness...LOL.

I am such a happily-married woman. I even feel sorry for people if they look like they are not as in love with their significant other as I am with mine...LOL. Isn't that funny? I can't speak for Mr. Chad, but I know he says that minus a new baby and maybe a garage one day...he's living his love song. (I blush...I'm really not that great of a cook...LOL.)

All I can say, is that I hope this feeling never goes away. The feeling that happiness is within you so deep that you want it for all of those around you. Country musician Jason Michael Carroll said it best:

Baby just look at us
all this time and we're still in love
Something like this just don't exist
Between a backwoods boy and a fairy tale princess
People said it would never work out
Living our dreams has shattered all doubts
It feels good to prove 'em wrong....Living our love song

Happily Ever After to y'all.

Mrs. B :o)

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Secret Wish...

That's me...3rd row, 1st girl on the left...LOL.

Just kidding, right?...LOL, but I always had a secret wish to be a Dallas Cowgirl Cheerleader. I lost that dream when I hit a growth spurt at 13 and saw my first stretch mark on my hip, but I still had the dream. Now, I had goals that in no form or fashion dealt with me prancing around half-naked in shiny, white cowboy boots...there was that dream of being President, or maybe finding the cure for cancer, oh yeah...and helping with that whole "world peace" thing, but like a boy that dreams of having a chance with Heidi Klum...I wanted to be a DCC.

You laugh, but you know it's true...we all have some dream that, even though, futile at best, it was there. My brother, Jamie, was the original Larry the Cable Guy...and my brother, Bran, wanted to be DJ AM, my niece Sarah Lee wanted to be the next Faith Hill...her dad, my uncle Edgel, wanted to be a John Lennon, or Robert Plant, or Bon Scott, or someone like that...LOL. My husband, Mr. Chad wanted to race cars for a living, but not NASCAR, or IRL, or Formula 1, but dirt money, but a helluva good place to make friends and drink beer (according to him).

Think back.
[...for years I have wanted to be an actress...(In my eyes, I will one day still be discovered...for I am an actress.)...]

What was your dream? Not the, "I'm going to be a _______when I grow-up!" The hiding in your room, with the door locked, pretending to get interviewed by Johnny Carson while looking in the mirror dream. Who did you see? Who did you become? One of my favorite quotes is by George Eliot, "It's never too late to be who you might have been." I think it's pretty self-explanatory. Never stop dreaming...and I won't. to go practice my high-kick and count off...5,6,7,8...

Mrs. B :o)