Sunday, November 28, 2010

The hubs has a peeve!

Mr. Chad and I have been together/dating/married for close to eight years, and rarely does he complain about things "around" the house. Well, today was one of those days--he complained...and it was kinda funny, but out of the blue.

Here's the story. He comes home and hangs his coat on one of the chairs at the dining room table. I don't like this, so I move it. I usually hang it on the door knob to his office. Turns out he doesn't like that...LOL. He actually said, "I don't like stuff hanging on the door knobs."

WTH? Where did this come from? (I think it came from the fact that he couldn't find his coat and it was right in front of him...LOL.)

After he left for work, I cracked up. Out of all the crazy and idiotic things that I do from my OCD-ish behavior, coats on knobs is where he draws the line. I guess in all these years, if this little thing is big enough for him to point out...the least I could do is make the effort to change it. (Now, I gotta go move bras from half the knobs in the house. Don't say you don't do it, too!)


Saturday, November 27, 2010

Baby H...Erin, you done good!

Today's post is just a little shout out to my wonderful friend, Erin (and her hubs, Larry--he does get partial credit for this).

Erin and Larry are now the parents of a beautiful, baby girl, Lucinda Jane Hjersted. Also, known as Lucy! Congrats to all...Fifi, Auntie Raisin, and the whole clan. Thanks for bringing another wonderful, strong, smart woman into this world!

*Isn't she adorable? {{{{smooch.smooch.smooch.}}}}

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Thanksgiving 2010

Lately, I have been on that path of "why me?" again. (That monster rears it's ugly head ever so often...and these past few weeks have been very hard.) However, these things are minor and will pass and life will go on and I will remember how truly blessed I am.
Let me take the time to remember a few of those reasons now:
  • I am, for the most part, healthy, wealthy and wise...LOL.
  • My children, too, are...see above.
  • The hubs, he is,...see above, also.

I think that just about covers it. When I look at the means of others and stop and think about what I have...I could not, should not, ask for more. Daily, I should be thankful. One day, one week, one month is not enough to give thanks for all the blessings in my life, but today...I pause to remember that I fall short, but recognize that it's OK.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!


Wednesday, November 17, 2010

"unfriend" Day on Facebook

Not a Kimmel fan..well, not a BIG fan anyway, but this campaign cracked me up! To be honest, I could not tell you how many friends I have on Facebook, but I'm pretty happy to have the ones I got!...LOL. If someone deletes me...oh, well.

I do not see as many updates as I would like to see. It seems there are more of so and so likes Glad trashbags and so does 5 other people. OK, so do I need to be the 6th? Facebook has some weird idiosyncracies, but all in all, I like it. I like seeing what old friends are doing: getting married, having kids, watching ballgames, even eating at a new sushi place in NYC. It is also wonderful in keeping up with my own children...when they share with their friends, I get to see it. Something that would not happen if we were just sitting around in our own house.

So, before you delete anyone, think about this: why did you add them in the first place? If the word friend pops into your mind, at all, go ahead and keep doesn't hurt anything and next week that person may post the best pics to creep on...The Alamo Trip/122 pictures--"why thank you, I think I will. I have never been to the Alamo."

Happy "Unfriend" Day.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Bonjour Brendan and Hugh Grant and low self-esteem!

Today started as a good day...started, but I can probably say the middle was quite possibly the worst in a long time.

It all started like a normal "date Sunday" with the hubs. I was well rested after watching 2 Hugh Grant movies the night before, Bridget Jones' Diary and Notting Hill. (I totally forgot how much I liked his smarmy-ness.) I was up early, read some blogs that I follow, then spoke to my sweet friend, Brendan Parker for a bit on Facebook. (Brendan is the eldest son of 2 of my best friends in the world...and he is in Paris for the semester. Salut' Brendan!)

However, from the time we left the house, Mr. Chad was acting like a total ass. (Yes, such an ass, I don't even want to use the term, the hubs, for the rest of this post.) We barely spoke driving over Long Fork. I got car sick, something that has never happened to me before, IN MY LIFE. He bitched and complained the whole time we were at Bob Evans. Didn't want to go into Lowe's. Wasn't rude to my cousin, Gina, but wasn't friendly either. Decided not to go into JCPenney's with me, so I felt like I was on a timer...and then kept saying, "I'm not going to miss the race today, so you need to hurry."

By the time I came out of JCP, I was sad, angry, and depressed...all in one. All I wanted to do was come home, cry, and sleep...and that's just what I did. I know there are days like this in marriage, but this one almost did me in.
*Highlight though, chatting with Brendan.
Fred and Diana, you raised a great kid!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Happy Birthday, Hubby...and thank you to all Vets!

Thank you to all veterans.
I know Freedom is not free.
God Bless you for serving!
To: Mr. Chad
Happy Birthday, honey!
I love you.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

My "go-to" recipe for goodies.

I am a good cook, not a great cook...but, good enough. I can make anything with a recipe. Yet, my families FAVE thing that I make is the simplest...oreo truffles. This recipe has 2 ingredients: oreos and cream cheese. Now, that does not include the coating, but geez all that melted almond bark. My daughters love them. The hubs loves them. My brother is crazy about them!

How funny?!
So today, I am making 200 truffles...sounds like a lot, but it takes no time. Below, I have posted some links with the recipe...find the one easiest for you and your family.

Make some today!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Stamps and the USPS

I love stamps! (Yes, the cute ones you use for scrapbooking.), but I love postal stamps, too. 9 out of 10 times, I sit and think, "what kind of stamp fits this person?". I do.

I mean, if I send a birthday card, I do not want one of those liberty bell forever stamps...come on, really? You ALL know those are ugly.

I guess because i get soooo much international mail and I see soooo many great stamps, I can not use anything lame.

Don't think that I don't inspect the stamps on the letters sent to me, of course I do. The UK has great ones Wallace & Gromit, Winnie the Pooh, etc. Russia even has scented stamps! In the US, some of ours are a little weird...famous sailors. Well, they couldn't have been too famous, I had no idea who they were, but then again, thanks USPS...NOW, I do!

Anyway, it is getting to be "holiday" time and that means holiday stamps...not to pleased this year; my Christmas cards will be adorned with pine cones...yes, pine cones! Really, USPS? I know you can't get all religious and stuff, but how about mistletoe instead of pine cones!

Well, now you know...I like stamps, but not all of them...not all the time. Now you have to wait for that Christmas card from me, see what I chose for you...not everybody got pine cones!


Thursday, November 4, 2010

The name of towns...Kite.

Google the image Kite. Look at a few pages. Hold those visions in your mind...A cute kid running on the beach with a kite overhead, a kite billowing in the sky...on a beach, a row of kites in unison...on a beach. All this brings me to today's topic: How did my little town, hundreds of miles from a beach and not too much flat land to run on (with kite in hand), get the name KITE?

Years ago, when "smaller" post offices existed, my house would have fallen in the area known as Hall, KY. Well, yeah...there is a gazillion Halls in this area, but not too many "kites". I mean, seriously, who came up with this as a feasible, legitimate name for this area. (I, normally, say area b/c town would totally be misleading you.) . I love the postmaster, though...she's been there since I was a kid...and STILL looks the same. (I love you, Doris!)

Here are a few facts about KITE:
My "area" has less residents than any given high rise in any given city! (No lie!)
My "area" is less than a mile from where I teach school, but the school is in another zip code.
My "area" sells a newspaper that states in the corner,
"under 1 million copies sold each week"...duh?
My "area" has no secret kite flying societies...unless they are REALLY secret about them.

Regardless, I may have to put on my thinking cap and go researching...because everyone knows, there is always something to a name.
Otherwise, why buy Fendi over Merona(a little shout out to my beloved Target)!
Am I right?


Monday, November 1, 2010

David Garrett and David Guetta

I am totally feeling the love with both of these artists!
So different, but so finding a place in my collection these days!
They both make me want to dance.

David Garrett plays my fave instrument in the whole world and I could just sit and listen to his talent ALL day. Right now he has an album out of "rock classics" in a "classical" form. PURE LOVE! This guy is beautiful, right?...but have you heard him play the violin? Ahhh, sweet, sweet music! Check it out on Amazon:

David Guetta is my go-to guy for fun and dancing. When I play his music I just want to stop doing whatever I'm doing...and dance. My hubs has these HUGE ASS speakers at our feet in his office, maybe it is bass, I have no idea, but I know when Guetta comes whole body moves with the music. IT IS FANTASTIC!

So go show some LOVE to these a song, buy an album, watch the vids...who cares, just DANCE! Your day will get better! Mine did.