Saturday, July 30, 2011

Kingsport Mall

it no longer looks like this,
but rarely is,
where you are,
as important as,
who you are with,
(Wow, that was a lot of commas...LOL.)

Took Claudia-loo shopping today for school clothes, uniforms, dinner, and a movie.
However, didn't seem right buying for one child when the other was not there.
Mr. Chad even came along, as well.

Buying uniforms is never a big deal:
khaki or navy bottoms,
red, white, or navy polo,
hair bows,
school supplies.

This year, though, 7th grade--something happens to the "tween" brain and it slowly starts morphing into the "teen" brain. Leg shaving, name brands, iPads, I think I got queasy when I bought 2 bikinis and an off-the-shoulder shirt.

Anyway, we watched The Smurfs, and to be honest, it wasn't that bad...and it made me remember, after all that I had been through that day...I still had a 12 year old!

Friday, July 29, 2011

Gnomeo and Juliet

Watched this adorable movie tonight.
Well, I fell asleep somewhere near the end,
but I have read the story it was based on (a time or two),
so I do not feel like I lost anything from the movie.

However, the cuteness of it all was to die for.
I think they are the most adorable gnomes.
Makes me just want to eat'em up.

I noticed  while "google-ing",
Hallmark has a Christmas ornament of this adorable couple this year.
I just want to take this time to say to my hubs and kids...

Friday, July 22, 2011


If you have not seen the show Merlin, you are missing quality television. Of course, it is another BBC show brought to you by the wonders of Netflix. My hubs and I are addicted to this series. It is serious, yet humorous and the acting is perfect for the genre. I actually, feel like I am in Camelot...LOL.

We have noticed some minor continuity issues, but nothing that affects the show itself. It has, also, made me realize there is a tiny bit of  "cougarness" in me, because I love the young Prince Arthur played by Bradley James {insert raawwwrrr cat sound}!

Be warned, only plays with the characters of the saga that is King Arthur, Guinevere, the Round Table, and Merlin himself. The story lines are not identical to the legend we know such as Mallory's Le Morte d'Arthur and my former professor, Dr. Ken Tiller would probably stroke out at the inaccuracies, but it is telly and from my point of view...darn, good telly!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

I just hear words...

RF changes
optical lasers

Yes, at my new job...the only real word I understood today, was Tony...LOL.
However, I actually like working at a place where my communication degree may be utilized...or it may not. Considering, my degree covers rhetoric and theory and will never be used in the real world, "thanks UVA-Wise, what a way to spend $40k"...I can only hope that I will learn something on the technical side of communication and develop my skills on a whole different level.
Here's to a new chapter for me.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Wealthy in my Friends

I think we ALL have hard days.
The days where,
we may not need Cymbalta,
but we need a shoulder to cry on.

I am really weird about this.
I like to be the shoulder,
but rarely ask for one.

I know I need to sometimes.
Yet, I feel if I reach out...I am saying,
"Poor me, I am weak and need help".

Lately, I have had so many friends, many that are family, to just reach out to me.
I haven't asked for anything...they have just been there.
Inviting me to swim,
calling and asking about my day,
making fun of my "works in progress"...there are several,
praying for my job search,
and my addiction to spray painting everything...LOL.

Anyway, today...I am very wealthy in my friends.
And I am thankful.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

-ing Randomness

Things I am always up for:
singing back up for the Stones on Gimme Shelter
riding in the Cash is going to happen!
watching infomercials
crying at sci-fi movies
cooking mac and cheese for eldest baby
making Manwich (on little buns) for youngest baby
acting out WICKED when no one is around
baking homemade angel food cake or any kind of cupcakes
driving to LA for the weekend...just to smile...and see smiles
going that extra lap to make 2, maybe 3, miles
blogging about my life
having those I love laugh
laughing with those I love

Really try-ing to get back into the swing of things.
Today's randomness was courtesy of me half awake and half asleep...
think-ing about my blog!

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Google +

Got my invite to Google+ and am super excited about using it. Roughly 10 million users are on board, but I am still having issues with finding people to add to my circles, and knowing just what to do...LOL.

I am a total Google addict, along with FB. I love FB, but I really just use it now to creep on pictures, play games, and keep up with my kids. I think it is over crowded with ads and non-sense.

Everyone knows about my SUPER-crush on hoodie-wearing Zuckerburg, so I don't want to abandon him, but I am really looking forward to something new...and hey, I hear he uses Google+, too.

Friday, July 1, 2011

Me, the bestie, and the kids...minus 1.

Today we hiked the beautiful Natural Bridge in Slade, KY.
It is one of my favorite places in the state and this was a great day to do it.
The weather was hot, but not too bad since we hiked somewhat early in the day!
Plus, I got to spend it with some of the people I love MOST in this world: my bestie and her 2 babies and my little buttercup. (None of which are at the age that they would allow us to call them babies or buttercups in public.) However, my other baby wasn't with us, (We missed you, Catarina!) but we pretended she was there in spirit.

I love the top pic of the youngest ones, both 12...going on 16!
I have to believe, in this moment, their little minds reveled in all that was not technology
and just allowed themselves to be consumed by the beauty of their surroundings!!!!
In actuality, they were just concerned with the paddle boats below...LOL.

Which then brings us to lunch after the hike...
and the fact that C2 was the 1st to pull out the phone to text...LOL.
Awwww, what has apple and Steve Jobs made us into?
I know...putty in their hands.

Finally, our homage to Catarina.
We saved her a seat @ the table with us...and quietly, to myself, I thanked God for all my blessings!
What a wonderful day!