Saturday, May 21, 2011

My 1st love graduates...from HS!

Today, my beautiful and wonderful, 1st born child graduated from HS.
Catarina graduated with honors from Lafayette High School in Lafayette, Louisiana.
She was president of both the National Beta Club and Mu Alpha Theta and will be attending LSU in the fall studying chemical engineering...and hopefully minoring in anthropology. (Go, Bones!)
It was such a wonderful day.

A heartfelt thank you to those that shared it with her.
Please, enjoy the pics.

 Catarina getting ready to receive her diploma!
 Catarina and Leah...friends forever!
 Catarina with her dad and 2 sisters.
 Here with her grandparents, Bob and Nona...
and a sneak peek of Ella!
 Three Generations: My mother, Catarina, and I.
 Getting love from little sister.
 Hugs from Ms. Diana!
 Woo Hoo! Diploma!
 With her other grandparents, Jeff and Gwen...
and another surprise from Ella.
 My little family: Mr.Chad, me, Catarina and Claudia
 Ella-Bella and Grandma Suzie!
She was so happy that Bri was there!
Kissing Grandpa Bob and then on to kisses for Jess.

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Faiza said...

How wonderful that everyone was able to come out and celebrate! YAY!

You look beautiful in that pretty dress!