Friday, December 5, 2008

a physical...

This is unbelievable!

Today I was informed by my current employer that if I did not have a paycheck would be held until I did so.

I am a teacher. I work with children. I have had background checks. I have been fingerprinted. I have been drug tested, and probably have had my retinas scanned without having known it.

This, all before stepping into the classroom. Why, in God's name, would it matter if I was 10 pounds overweight or that my BP was slightly elevated.

Just walking down the halls of my school and looking at my co-workers (...and listening to them talk about their ailments...) , I think I'm in pretty, damn good shape! least, by comparison...LOL.

Anyway, this is truly frustrating, real choice. I understand that they need to know if I have TB, but I mean, what are they going to do...give my job to someone else in the middle of the school year because they weigh less and can run faster?

Mrs. B :o)

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