Monday, December 1, 2008 I can decorate.

Just a quick note today. I finally feel that it is time to start TRULY decorating for Christmas.

It is time to get out all the trees, garlands, wall decor, bulbs, ornaments and all things needed to make your home look like a magazine advertisement.

This year will not be that year for us, though. I mean, I will decorate as much as I can, but having just been in the house for a few months, I'm not even sure I know where everything is?
Also, there is still "house" stuff all over the place...LOL.

I will make it as nice as I can, but I'm quite sure it will not be on the pages of Better Homes and Gardens' this year. I'm going to go for elegant and simple, but still it will not be worthy of Domino or Real Simple...LOL.

Next year, I will aim bigger and better. OK, maybe just better...

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