Sunday, March 15, 2009

Sunday driving and the Drake Equation.

It was a good day! The hubs and I out for breakfast, shoe shopping , and just a little Sunday driving. I am so glad I married this man. Well, not the man to the left, but I'll get to him in a minute, Mr. Chad that is.

He and I had the best time. I love just looking at him when he's driving and remembering why I fell in love with him...which now leads back to the man above, Frank Drake.

My husband is one of the smartest men that I have ever met. (Surely, I have blogged on that before...LOL.) He's not the most fashion forward or trendy, but very comfy with who he is, right? Anyway, we were talking about our planet and life on others, and it was a long and wonderful conversation. However, when he asked me if I had heard of the Drake Equation. Educated-girl-working-on-her-Master's says what? (Imagine that in Hannah Montana language...I can't let this get to serious...LOL.)

The Drake Equation, in a nutshell--I think, go read it...LOL.
It is a wonderful concept!

I will tell you this, I have NEVER believed in "life out there" until NOW. I have went along for many years with others thinking it could exist, but probably did not. Now, I can't imagine that life would not exist. Somewhere in another galaxy, a planet like Earth has to be equidistant from a great star like the sun and life, just like ours, could exist, right? I am totally sold on this.

I mean, I'm not going all SETI here, but I truly believe that it is possible--life on other planets...and the Drake Equation goes more into detail about all of this info on how and a way that someone like me can understand it. How did I find this out? Super Smart Mr. Chad, that's how...LOL.

My sweet love may not be an astrophysicist, but by golly he impresses me...and I'm sure he could hold his own with Mr. Sagan, Mr. Asimov, Mr. Kaku or Mindy Kellogg, and it's so refreshing that he wants to share all this info with me...just because he loves me.

Tonight, I'm going to thank the stars just for him...and his ASTROintelligence.

Mrs. B

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