Sunday, January 17, 2010

Elliptical music

I am really loving my elliptical. In 30 minutes, I can burn about 550 calories. Now, If I could cut some of my daily calories...I would be on a roll! I have been listening to XM, 20 on 20, on Direct while working out, but when I flip over to Broadway...the hubs will exit. Since I can plug the iPod into this machine, I had to buy some new songs. Here are a few of my new faves; please, do not pay attention to the lyrics.

Imma Be-B.E.P.
I Can Transform Ya-Chris Brown featuring Lil' Wayne
Sexy Bitch-David Guetta
Give It Up to Me-Shakira featuring Lil' Wayne
Jump Around-House of Pain
Crazy Possessive-Kaci Battaglia
Jump-Flo Rida
3-Britney Spears

Then I cool down to whatever comes up on random....cause I'm cool like that, but it's normally the soundtrack to Wicked.

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Ron Thornsberry said...

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