Tuesday, January 5, 2010

It turns out, I'm skinny!

One of my dearest friends got a Wii for Christmas and she and her 5 year old were setting up Mii avatars. When it came to creating "Aunt Christy",
turns out I got to be thin.

Now, I am heavier than my friend, but in the eyes of her 5 year old...I am not! The two of them recently had a conversation about weight and how fat is not a nice word. Which leads to the following conversation:

Mom: Well, is Mom fat?
5: Yes
Mom: Is Paul (Mom's BoyF) fat?
5: Yes
Mom: Is Aunt Christy fat?
5: No

OK, so I know she had a great time sleeping over the other day, and I did let her have a cupcake, fresh from the oven--but with no icing, right before bed. She and Claudia did play the Wii a few times, and I tried to teach her how to play UNO, but who knew that I would be the one to come out a winner.

I am NOT fat, maybe only to a 5 year old, but hey it's a start...Marilyn Monroe was a size 12--that's pretty, damn close to me now. I think I'll just cut out the McD's tea and I'll be thin before summer!


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Caden's Blog said...

on a note, I think this cut and color would look excellent on you! lol