Thursday, October 14, 2010

Taylor Swift and Mark Ballas

So, if I had to meet 2 would be Taylor Swift and Mark Ballas. I am not sure why, but they seem very "real". I think, at this point, they seem to be pretty decent kids and I like to think they have their heads on straight, both are goal oriented, and seem to genuinely like their fans.

Recently, I watched Taylor do a webcast for Scholastic books and she was a dream. What parent wouldn't want their tween girls to look to her for inspiration?

Mark, has been dancing with Bristol Palin this season, a true non-dancer, on DWTS and he is so good natured and focused on her, both her strengths and weaknesses. He is a caring teacher...but are you wondering where I am going with this?

Well, I want to eat my words. I have thought these 2 were the biggest "fakes" in the business for the last few years. No lie. I thought they were so sugary-sweet nice that they had to be almost "tool" like in real life. They have annoyed me to no end. My kids, both, like them. Everyone I know likes them...and I couldn't believe they were what they appeared to be, but I'm here to say, "I think they are".

I am still not a Taylor Swift "music" lover, but I think she is talented and wise beyond her years...I hope she stays that way. Mark, well, he is so nice...I want to dance now! I guess this is my public apology to both, and I would like to say they probably don't care what I think, but you know what...I bet they do...LOL!

Love you Taylor!
Love you Mark!

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