Friday, June 24, 2011

Cut-Thru Adventures

 The Start of the Adventure

 Getting ready to "tube" through the

 Our "Helm's Deep" pic of the Cut-Thru...LOL.
(We are total nerds.)

 Love this pic of Claudia looking at the scenery.

 My hinky foot, Mr. Chad's knees, Claudia's foot...
and the beautiful Big Sandy in front of us!

 Mr. Chad chillin'.

 The Cut-Thru.
(The water below is where we were tubing earlier.)

Claudia and mr.Chad...wwaaayyyy above sea level!

Catarina wanted to go kayaking/canoeing when she was here last month, but the Cut-Thru Adventures place was closed on Memorial Day, so we had to issue her a rain check. We, of course, joked with her about how Claudia would love to do it this summer while she was here and how sorry we were that we could not take her...LOL. We were really trying to rub it in just to tease her.

Well, Claudia's turn came up and we drove to Pikeville to take her canoeing. When we got there, we were informed that "innertubing" was an option. Really? You can inner tube down the Big Sandy?...Yes, you can!

It was wonderful and bizarre at the same time!

First, let me explain what the "cut-thru" project it.
According to the Kentucky Tourism website:(
                                     The Pikeville Cut - Through Project was conceived by visionary and former Mayor William C. Hambley, a life long resident of Pikeville. The Cut-Through Project began in 1973 and was completed after 14 years of constant construction. The project created over 400 acres of usable land for civic expansion and growth by the 18 million cubic yards of earth that were moved. The Cut - Through Project has freed Pike County from the floods that plague so many Eastern Kentucky counties and is to date the second largest earth moving project in the world.

Wow, who knew?...and right here in my own backyard!
Anyway, all you locals, if you get a chance...this is well worth the money!
Just $10 a tube for almost 4 hours of water time!
It was a fun, family day.

Life is good floating in a river..on an inner tube!

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Kathy said...

Ahh, you are making me want to go home! I am a Pike Co native now living in Northern Ky. I remember when the cut-thru project was started and I remember Mayor Hambley! Even tho I have not lived in Pike Co in 25 years, it will always be home! Thanks for reminding me how beautiful it is! I hope to visit before school starts next month!