Saturday, June 4, 2011

Catarina's Grad Party

Celebrated my daughter's graduation today with an Open House/Party.
Lots of family and friends spent the day with us
at The Garfield House in Pikeville, KY.
It was a glorious and sunny day.
Perfect for good food and laughter.

My heart is so appreciative to all those that chose to spend the day with her.
A very BIG thank you to Robin of Robin's Cakes
for letting Catarina's cake be one of her last before her retirement.
Oh, and a special "shout out" to my hubs for doing a video at the last minute.
The Girls and I love you!
Again, thanks to everyone for celebrating with us!

 FAB cake...tasted like a little piece of heaven.

 Molly, Karen, and Callie

 Nana and Uncle Jamie

 Ty, a few hours before his own graduation!

 Aunt Fern, Sissy Rhonda, and V

 Peg, me, Gina

 Papaw Jeff

 Mr. Chad, me, Catarina, Charles, Phil, Junlina, and Ty

 Karen, Catarina, V

 Catarina and Peg!

 JD, Catarina, and Miss Mary

 Catarina, Ms. Christie, and Chris

 The Buettners
Grandma Nona, Charles, Catarina,  Grandpa Bob,
Emma, and Uncle Ray

 Aunt Jamie, Catarina, Uncle Bunny

Catarina and Aunt Black

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Faiza said...

You must be such a proud mama bear! Congrats on this happy family time. What a terrific cake!