Thursday, December 17, 2009

...and I thought I was a GREAT teacher!?

small post today:

For the past 12 weeks I have taught my little heart out. I have given 100% and thought that my kids were"getting it", but then I create a test based on state standards with an open response and they go to pieces.

I administered the GMADE earlier this week too, and am just amazed at how accurate it was. My kids did WONDERFUL on operations, but scores showed they could not apply it. For example, if I gave them an actual numeric problem they could solve it, but if I put it into a "word" problem and they had to decipher what needed to be done...very few could do that.

I am going to spend the Christmas break trying to find a way to show them that in the real world life is not all 2+2, but more like if Dorothy has 2 cupcakes and Elfie has 2 cupcakes, how many cupcakes do they have?

I need to go cry...then regroup.

{{{{Keep saying it, are a great teacher! You are a great teacher! Your are a great teacher! You are a great teacher!}}}}


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