Monday, December 28, 2009

The Beatles and my children.

I have always tried to teach my kids that music is the soundtrack to our lives.
When we are sad, we hear sad songs in our mind. When we are happy, we hear happy songs.
When we party we like party get my point, right?
Music defines who we are.

I am so proud they have learned "my so-called lessons"...LOL.
Over the holidays, though, they taught me a lesson.

I support my children and their needs to find their "own" style of music.
I have said that many times before;
listening to Miley, Selena, or anything Disney is OK when countered with say, some CCR, the Stones, and of course The Beatles.

I keep The Beatles #1 in my SUV.
(You never know when you won't be able to find a local station, or a place on the dial for XM, or you just need to feel good while driving.)

This holiday season, however, it wasn't a fall-back-on CD.
It was the IT CD.
Well, some of it was...LOL.
Anything from 19 on.
The girls picked out the parts they would sing, who would do the background vocals, who played what instrument.

Everyday, I had the chance to listen to Hey Jude, Lady Madonna, Let it Be...
and not once did I force anyone to listen to it.
We had our own concerts every time we got in the vehicle!

It was awesome mom/daughters moment 1,343!

Now, even though, I won't see them for a few weeks...
John, Ringo, Paul, and George (the order they appear on Abbey Road)
can help me make it !


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Carrie said...

Hey! Thanks for the blog comments. I always love feedback, and I hope that I can teach my kiddos about the Beatles too. (We will have quizzes! Haha.)

Thanks again!