Thursday, December 3, 2009

Quilting with the Family

This week has been crazy trying to finish the quilt square that we are now "required" to do for Sister Weekend. I love this idea, but I think I am in a small minority. However, watching (and listening) to my cousins go on and on is priceless.

It has been a great adventure for Verlissa, Auntie Em, and I as we sit around her table quilting...trying, anyway. Auntie Em can do her style of quilting, embroidering squares or painting, very well. V and I...not so much.

We have great ideas, but the the manifestation part, well...we are having some problems with that...LOL. I figure, our quilt squares may not be the best in the world--or technically, the best they could be, but I know, they will get better over time...just like our family.


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