Saturday, April 16, 2011

Catarina's Senior Prom

My baby went to her Sr. prom this weekend 
and was stunning, to say the least!
(Don't you love how they all looked so wonderful in white?)

She gave up "her" date to one of her friends,
just so "she" would go.
She, then, still went solo,
b/c of her affection for a boy 
that could not make it at the last minute.
...and she let me, do her hair and make-up.
She wore my wedding dress,
and a yellow rose in her hair 
from her father/stepmom's garden.
It was a magical time, 
until she started back talking 
b/c she thought she was going to be late 
and didn't really let us take any photos!!!!!!!!
Oh, to be 18!
Mood swings, but only in front of Mom and Dad!

At the restaurant, 
her check was picked up by the manager,
she babysits for him every now and then
and they are very appreciative of her.
(I thought that was a beautiful gesture 
and a great reflection on Catarina's character.)

Overall, it was a great night per Catarina.
I was just happy that I got to share it with her!

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