Wednesday, April 6, 2011

WR4W...all about ETSY

I am sure most of you are aware of Etsy.
Handmade by "real" people for "real" people.
It is one of my favorite places on the web to shop for the perfect gift.
I truly believe, you can find most anything there...
and some of the wedding stuff is to die for.


There is nothing I like more than the perfect invite.
I think the invitation, wedding or otherwise,
sets the mood for the whole event..

For me, it tells me what is ahead,
and how much thought has gone into the event.
ETSY has some of the best invites on the web
Yes, they may cost more,
but people should notice the quality.

For instance,
my wed invites were printed on white linen paper.
Very classic.
However, it was a casual, chic wedding...
and to reflect that,
I punched out polka dots to add a lil' pizazz to them.
They were perfect for us!

Regardless, of what type of wedding you are planning,
I am sure you can find something you like on ETSY!

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