Friday, April 1, 2011

Fridays are for Crushin'

Ain't no April Foolin' here.
These are my crushes for today:


Great ideas and easy crafts and home decor.
A great DIY site for casual crafters.

Is there ever a time when the Beatles failed?
Not for me,
and this is one of their greatest masterpieces.
I never get tired of listening to it.

cheap and easy...
these type of dresses are great for everything,
Wear them to the beach,
or running errands,
or lounging in your own back yard.

Just want to take my "space" family
to the home of the biggest cover-up in history...
Area 51, baby!

Since the hubs has been feeling under the weather,
we started watching Bones on Netflix.
We love it.
It is soooo up his alley,
and I'm surprised that I really enjoy it too.

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