Monday, October 10, 2011

2 gifts...1 week. What gives?

Last week my hubs surprised me with 2 presents,
and last night we marveled at them both.
One was a new spice rack.
He didn't think too much of the rack,
but liked the look of the bottles..I did, too.
We put all the spices in the bottles and then displayed them in our sweet, little kitchen.
Funny thing, My hubs eats NO spices...NONE...not ever!
I was having a ball just smelling them.
Imagine how I will feel when I use them?!!
The other gift was Madagascar vanilla beans; to make homemade vanilla extract.
This was a lovely time for us; slicing beans and filling jars with vodka.
Christmas gifts in 8 weeks.
We were so excited about making this stuff.
Probably like kids do when they start putting chocolate into milk,
but without having to wait 8 weeks.
(*Side note, I ask if he bought the Madagascar beans instead of the Mexican ones simply because of the movie Madagascar...he said, "you know I did". He likes to move it, move it!)
Anyway, I really love my hubs,
yet sometimes I just love "being" with my hubs.
We had a great weekend together.

Mrs. B


Jessica said...

Vanilla beans and vodka. LOL, I like both you'll have to share more. I'm interested.

J3ss1ca (Swap-Bot)

Amber Renee said...

these gifts are rad! i love spices, too.. cooking with them and eating them. yum! your husband is in for a treat!

PrincessAlayna said...

Love Comment Blog ♥ (4)LadyGuenevere (3/3)

Vanilla beans and vodka will make one delicious "Noel Cocktail" at your holiday party this year!!:)

*~ Alayna

Chel Hery said...

What a lovely post! It sounds like your husband is a keeper. Lol! I love those spice bottles, too. Very unique and modern.

I don't drink (alcohol) but if I did, I'd covet the vanilla liquour you are making. Your gift recipients will be very pleased, I am sure!

- Chelise