Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Workout Tunes

I have to listen to music when I work out. In fact, if no one is around, I sing when I work out! Music is vital when trying to get your booty movin'.

When making a play list, keep in mind what you will probably do during the workout. For my warm-up, I like "happy" songs: I Gotta Feeling-Black Eyed Peas, My Hallelujah Song-Julianne Hough, and Airplanes-B.o.B featuring Hayley Williams.
However, when I start to really get the blood flowing and the calories burning, I want music that reflects that: Don't Stop Believin'-Journey, Save a Horse-Big & Rich, and maybe something from the Top Gun soundtrack...LOL.

My cool down music is normally something that reflects a pay-off for my hard work: anything from Wicked, Coming Around Again-Carly Simon, or my fave...One Hot Mama by Trace Adkins!
Truly, it does not matter what it is. It just needs to inspire you!
Post a song here...that does just that:
Inspires you!

Mrs. B

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Jessica said...

I've been doing yoga for several months now. Although I don't get to pick the music I do think that it's super important to get you into whatever your doing.

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