Monday, October 24, 2011

LSU vs Auburn...what is truly important.

This may be just another picture to you, but for me...
it is a moment in time I get to share with my lil' LSU gal!

For you, it is a national sports story at the link under the pic)
and you get to share it with her, too, but that is not the point of this story...LOL.

See that cutie with the "magenta-a form of purple" shirt on?
Holding up we're #1?
You see her?

I was so excited for this...I went frame by frame on my DVR to look for her in the end zone of the LSU/Auburn game...
and you know what?
I found her.

What a great story for her college scrapbook!
Geaux Tigers!
Geaux Catarina!


james said...

How cute was that?

Karen Grigsby said...

She will love that you searched for her to make a keepsake for her college years.
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