Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Christmas Ornament Exchange

Christmas Fun
So, I follow quite a few blogs that are about, well...nothing. Just gals that like to talk, type, and live life to the fullest. Today I was catching up with Claire over here and came across this great idea.

Turns out, I was too late to sign, I thought I would host my own. I commented about it being a great idea and 10 minutes later I got an email saying there was another girl wanting to do it, too. That quick, I was in like Flynn.

I am so excited about doing this, but really excited about my swap partner. A bit nervous, too. She is about the same age as my eldest daughter...and you have no idea the struggles I have when trying to make or buy her something. However, so glad to see a young lady chronicling  her life and times in this busy, fast-paced, uber high-tech world we live in:

She has 2 middle names, as do both my girls. Studying education, what is better than the teaching profession? She LOVES pinning...don't we all? But as great as she is, I am struggling with 2 known facts about Sarah. One, she is a GA Bulldog 4life; We are a UK Cat family for basketball and an LSU Tiger family for football, I guess I can let her "sports" affiliation slide during this Christmas season. Second, this girl loves the treadmill more than running outside...who loves machines over the great outdoors?...Kids these days...LOL.

Anyway, just wanted to share today's event...and how it has truly put me in the Christmas spirit.


Sarah Burton said...

Ah this is so funny and sweet! I'm so excited we got in on this at the last minute. And to be honest, I love any gifts. I'm not picky at all!

Can't wait to get to know you!

Jessica said...

That sounds like so much fun!

Amber Renee said...

this sounds like a lot of fun! haha funny. sometimes i have the hardest times finding gifts also. ;)

Chel Hery said...

I love the fact that you are giving so much thought to what kind of a person your swap partner is, before deciding on an ornament for her.

She's lucky - I know you'll come up with something great!

It's a great time to be in the Christmas Spirit - less than a month away, now!