Monday, November 21, 2011

Friends from the Blog-o-verse!

I search the internet daily for bloggers that I feel like I connect with,
but rarely do I find any.
I am too old,
or too young.
Sometimes, not religious enough,
or maybe not cool  or hip enough.
I don't have a gaggle of sorority sisters to follow me,
and I haven't been featured anywhere for a slew of people to start following, either.

Honestly, I have been blogging for nearly 4 years and only have 77 followers.
...and of those, I am 99% sure only 10 read on a regular basis.
I want to say I am discouraged, but really...I am not.
I write for me.

It warms my heart putting my words out there.
Knowing I am blessed in so many ways;
Sharing happiness, sadness, adventures, everything.

Every friendship, I have ever had, I feel like I have given my all...all the time.
I guess, that is why I am devoted to this thing--followers or not.
In the end, 
it appears,
it has turned out to be one of my best friends.


PrincessAlayna said...

Love Comment Blog ♥ (4) LadyGuenevere (1/3)

Oh, I wouldn't take that too personally! I've been online as a blog presence since 1999 (largely due to an ex-boyfriend who invented a tool used for blogging, and got me into turning my journals into a public space.) Since I relaunched my blog (I retired in 2006, and made it private on LiveJournal), I've had a hard time rebuilding my audience. You have to take some time to put yourself out there, and the followers will...well, follow!

*~ Alayna

Piimanyx said...

Love Comment Blog ♥ (5) Piimanyx (1/3)
Hello, First, I find that you are very beautifull !
Then, I understand that you feel, because there are many blogs on internet and a lot are "famous" me too, in my blog, there are almost nobody .. I ask me if I must to be continue or not, but finally we continue always. A blog is for you, and for you and people you are close. And if you see that people come often on your blog, maybe you can think that he want to be close for you :)

Chel ~ said...

I loved this post. I think that writing for yourself, is the very best audience to write for, anyway. Your readers will appreciate your honesty. : )

I decided to follow your lovely blog, so now you have one more!

If you would be willing to follow my new art blog - it only has two followers right now! - that would great. Only if you want to, though.

Have a great day!

- Chelise

Karen Grigsby said...

I so agree about blogging for yourself.I believe that I use my blog as my journal. As long as you enjoy doing this then that is the main thing.
Kraftykj swapbot love comment blog 5

Marz said...

Such a beautiful picture of you! I belive you should ALWAYS blog for yourself and never write anything just to get followers or cause a stir of any kind. I bet loads of people get tired of me blogging about C.J. Wilson or Britney Spears or anyone else who tickles my fancy - but that's what I choose to write about. However silly a topic that might be. Because it's my little space on the internet. And it's so theraputic to write for yourself :) I'm so glad you've continued to blog, I adore your space on the net :) xo

donna wagner smith said...

I am old (64), I have faith (hope I'm not too religious), and I used to blog. I agree with the other comments that your blog is well, your blog. I quit just this past June when I got fed up with google (again). They seemed to be making everything extraordinarily difficult. So many different apps and passwords and this and that. I finally decided I didn't need the hassle in my life! I have a blog space elsewhere but have only used it twice.
I'm writing because I saw you were a Postcrossing contributor (as I am). Once I got here, to your blog, I saw you had played SPP. Oh my gosh, I was taken back. I was just thinking how much I missed that game only yesterday. I met so many great friends there; many I still have on Facebook.
So keep blogging - for yourself, and your readers, stay true to you. Don't over think things, and let your heart guide you.
All the best!