Thursday, November 17, 2011

Language Lesson from myself...and Jen

Yesterday, after I posted the story about my hubs, I kept looking at the title.

For some reason, it looked wrong to looked long to me, as well, but that is how I write.
I decided to ask a friend of mine about it,
I was pretty sure what needed to be changed,
but I didn't like the way it looked either...LOL.
Thus started this convo:

          2.     Thank Goodness you scratched CALIGULA!
ME:  LOL...piizza is just about better than anything!!!!
...and I am sure names will change again...LOL.
I think there should be a comma after hubs in the title????
what do you think?
JEN:Commas are for pauses.  I do not think there should be a comma.
ME:dang it...I meant apostrophe...LOL
JEN:Should be hub’s face as it is a possessive
this was great!!!
:I call him I think it should be hubs' face????
JEN:In that case hubs’ lol
However you said my hubs in which case I would think it would still be hub’s as opposed to I want to say to hubs’ face. :P
Also following the rules
add 's to the singular form of the word (even if it ends in -s):
 so it would be hubs’s
ME:but that would be saying my hub and then making it poss...
since I said "my hubs"...I think hubs' face would be OK
but now I am thinking it would be hubs's...LOL
maybe i should blog about this...LOL
JEN:Well there is only one of him! So the singular would be hubs’s but are intending hubs here to be the plural of hub (husband). I’m going with my hubs’s face on this one lol
ME:I am leaving it alone...and using this as tomorrow's blog post...LOL

I guess, maybe...
I found this funny because,
I am a total English/Grammar snob, and if someone corrects me( "Thank you, Former Alice Lloyd College President, Jerry Davis"), 
I feel I should learn from it.

However, I think we own our own language, too.
I pause. I inflict. I pronounce. I enunciate. I write the way I talk.
(Hence, many ellipses for good ol' me.)
I know I use the word THAT waaayyyy too much, but it is what it is. 
I don't write for the Washington Post, New York Times, or the New Yorker...
and probably never will.
My biggest lesson though, is to let it an extent.
Never will I let there, they're, or their go!

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