Sunday, October 4, 2009

Halfway from JBS...and Hello Jaron!

Many years ago, in a school far away, I was a schoolmate with David Tolliver (Halfway to Hazard). No, we didn't hang out at the Hunger Den together, but we were friends. In fact, he was friends with everyone in our school. We were all friends, because it was like family there...all 200 K-12.

David didn't stand out much. In fact, he blended quite well, but he had a super personality. He was the guy that didn't just hold the door open for the girls, he would hold it open for everyone! Even back then, he was destined for greatness...and he is on his way. Far from the show choir days, or pageant stages, Dave is off and running with his band Halfway to Hazard. I know him well enough, also, to predict that if dedication and hard work equals success...move over Brooks and Dunn and Montgomery Gentry.

Recently, I got to see Dave perform live. I loved the music, but was washed over with such happiness of his success that the concert could have been in the Superdome instead of the top of a mountain...the results would have been the same. I believe that whether he performs for 10,000 hometowners or 70,000 screaming Southerners the result would be the same. 100% all the time. But enough blowin' sunshine up Dave's booty. :o)

My blog is about me...LOL....and this is...the rest of the story.

Not so many years ago, but back when I was a tad bit cooler, I was totally into a lil' duo called Evan and Jaron. They had a nice top 40 song called "Crazy for this Girl"...I always pretended they were singing to me, but I would right?...because I was that cool..LOL. Anyway, they kind of just lingered around, good jewish boys as they are... probably were working on a master's degree in music or something as they pursued their coffee-house dream. :o)

A few years ago, they worked with USA Network (characters welcome...and boy, am I that...HA!) hosting this road trip segment which was pretty neat, but they really weren't on my list of "stars I want to meet". In fact, they were more on the opposite list that I have crafted, "stars I DO NOT want to meet b/c if I do and they are mean or d-bags, I will be broken" list. However, as fate would have it...Jaron dropped into the mountains with Dave as an opening act.

OMG! Oy Vey!

There he was and for like 3 1/2 minutes...I was happy out of my gourd!

Would you look at her
She looks at me
She's got me thinking about her constantly
But she don't know how I feel
And as she carries on without a doubt
I wonder if she's figured out
I'm crazy for this girl
Yeah, I'm crazy for this girl

All was right with the world...there on top of that mountain...and when I thought it couldn't get better...and before I could say brother was turning out some BEP's, "I got a Feelin". Maybe he sang it as an inside joke, as he shouted mazel tov laughter feeled his soul knowing 98.9% of the people there had no idea what that meant, but Jaron, my friend...I did.

So, thank you for the song soooo many years ago and thank you for not being a d-bag in the present. I can only wish you success now, my brother. Shalom.

Mrs. B

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