Sunday, November 8, 2009

Those weren't angels singing...that was you, Neil Young!

Wow. Until this moment, I never realized how much my husband looked like a young Neil Young...LOL. That aside.

Short story. My husband went to church with me today. It is the first time he has ever attended a service, that I know of, that didn't have someone in a box at the front of the room surrounded by flowers.

We went with our friends, Mary and Joseph. (If you read this blog, you know I am not kidding about their names.) I have been going to "their" church every time I get the chance. I love it there. I prayed my husband would, too. I mean, I prayed that he would "get the message" and enjoy the "style of worship".

We go in and take a seat, my best friend in the whole wide world joins us (Hey C2, I love u!), and the music starts and my heart jumps up into my throat. Is that Neil Young they are playing? IT IS! They are starting service with Keep on Rockin' in the Free World. Are you kidding me? It was like a message from Jesus, saying, "Am I good or what?"

...and Lord, I must say...YOU ARE GOOD!

The service was wonderful. It was about appreciating what God has blessed you with. Are your needs met? Not your wants...YOUR needs. Sitting there, thinking back, I have been blessed my whole life. I can never remember going hungry, or not having a place to call home, or not being surrounded by those I love. I was truly washed over with happiness and the true spirit of the Lord. I hoped my husband felt that way, too.

After service, we all ate at good ol' Bob Evan's and as I sat there and thought (minus the girls not being there with us) this is how a perfect day goes. I wish Every Sunday was just like this.

Thanks for the blessing, Lord...both inside the church and out!


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Mary&andJD Allen said...

That was a great day. JD and I are so lucky to have wonderful friends to share those moments with. You made the funniest comment about if something else happened, ( I can't remember what) he would be driving us to church. O, and don't forget when they called him out for watching Battle Star Galactica!