Monday, November 30, 2009

O Christmas Three

The trees have started going up! I am finally getting excited about Christmas. I dread it at the same time, too. It seems that from Thanksgiving on...time is in warp drive speed. It is the time that I get most with my girls though, other than summer, and that I like, but I do find it hard trying to fit in all the people and places that we have to visit...or try anyway.

I have 4 or 5 trees; my BIG tree, my pre-lit trees, the girls' tree, and a lil' ol' generic tree, but this year, I am not putting them all up. I am doing 2 trees only. In fact, I have already given away one of the trees for a friend's classroom. One, got the boot...well, the trash can. Another never came out of storage, and well, that leaves 2.

The BIG tree is getting an overhaul this year. The hubs wants a blue tree. I have caved, b/c I have never liked blue decorated trees, but it will not be a UK tree THAT I can promise you...LOL.

Today, I posted a few ornament pics from our red, black, green, white tree. (Yes, it started out as an Earnhardt tree, but has kinda moved into a "family" theme tree. It is a beautiful tree, but I think next year, the tree itself has got to get bigger.)

Here's to the holiday season. Remember to make it your best Christmas ever!
Mrs. B

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