Saturday, November 14, 2009

Where did that week go?

I really have nothing to write about. This week went by so fast...I'm still spinning. I had Open House at school. (I always LOVE that...meeting the parents.)

I have been working on the house for hell and ever- it will never look the way I want it it came from a Pottery Barn catalog...LOL.

Mr. Chad and I have been lazy and I have missed the girls like crazy. I have quit counting the days and am now counting the minutes 'til they get here. :o)

Tried making a Christmas gift list, but can rarely get into the holiday spirit until after Thanksgiving. Truly, being thankful and counting my blessings is far better than a new sweater. Right?

I hope your week was slower/better and that you got to stop and smell the roses. Mrs.B

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