Thursday, March 25, 2010

Good Students and Cupcakes!

Never would I make my students these cupcakes. I teach middle school and a few have not discovered manners yet, so I tend to have to limit the frosting.

However, I have one stellar group that truly stands out, but the problem with that is THEY know it. They, also, know they're my faves. I have 10 students in my 1st period math class, 5 boys and 5 girls, and they may not LOVE math (In fact, Travis is always reminding us he HATES math.) but they "get math" and the importance of it.

I think they "get it" too, that my job is directly related to how well they do on state testing. I could care less about scores as a reflection of my teaching ability, but I love that fact that it shows what they can do. What they will score...I have no idea, but what they CAN score--they all have potential to blow the test out of the water.

Back to my "fave class", I do not love one student more than another, but I do like a classroom that sits and listens to my instructions, participates to the fullest, and makes a conscious effort to learn something EVERY day...that is this class. So...I reward them. I give them candy. I let them work in groups. I make them cupcakes. I show them shortcuts on the calculator...because they get their work done on time with time left over...NOT always...LOL, but most of the time...and it is my favorite way to start the day.

Mrs. B

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