Thursday, March 4, 2010

School Lunches

Wow! School lunches have come a long way.

I was a poor child. I always got free lunches. I didn't realize that everyone wanted to get them (and to be honest, now that I am a teacher...EVERY child should get free lunches) because I was too embarrassed that I did...not so much in elementary school, but definitely when I got to the public high school. (I later left, but not b/c of the free-lunch thing...LOL. At JBS, no one had to know who was poor and who was rich...back then, we were all smart...or talented...or both. When you went through the Hunger Den line, no one had to pull out money, or put in a number, or swipe a card. It was the first time in my life I felt financially equal to others.)

Back to my story, my daughters don't get free lunches. I pay dearly for meals that I think are not really worth what I pay for them--either cost wise or nutritional value. For once, I want someone to explain to me how pizza and peaches equal a healthy lunch.

However, when I say school lunches have come a long way, I'm not really talking about the food. I'm talking about the lack of real utensils to use in the cafeteria, eating off of styrofoam instead of a BIG rectangle chunk of hard plastic or was it resin (I'm not sure what it was, but I know Superman brought it to this planet from Krypton), and finally the fact that I pay for my girls' lunches online. Yes, ONLINE! (and they don't take Discover...only Visa or MC...LOL.)

Have times changed or is it just me? Hope I didn't put you to sleep...just wanted to get you thinkin' about your kids' lunches. Do you know what they're eating...or what they're eating with?...LOL....that's what I thought. Tomorrow's menu: Bosco sticks. Doesn't that sound yummy and nutritious?

Mrs. B

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heather said...

I like this post because I just saw that new ABC show about Jamie Oliver's food revolution. Have you seen it yet? Specifically he wants to change the school lunch program. I think it's great! My kids are not yet in elementary school so this is new to me - but I am addicted to this show!