Tuesday, December 28, 2010

scrapbook room does not equal junk room!

This post is a simple rant!
I always hear people say they have a junk room.
It annoys me.
Every usable space in a house...
needs to be used:
guest room,
craft room,
music room,
game room,
"scrapbook" room,
Whatever you want...just use it!

Somewhere between summer and Christmas,
my scrapbook room disappeared and a junk room appeared.
OK, so it is not a hoarding episode yet.
And, it really isn't junky...
just piled with THINGS.
(I can not handle piles.)
I am going to fix this issue...now.
I will post before and afters!
Wish me luck!
*Pic above and other examples of before/after shots,
can be found here: