Sunday, January 2, 2011

Happy New Year 2011...Resolutions.

I am a horrible "resolver" ...for New Year's anyway.
I like to think when I want to get something accomplished,
I "resolve" to do it right then.

I read that the #1 resolution for our country was to lose weight/get healthy. I suppose I want to do that, but technically, I want to do that everyday.
Who doesn't want to be healthy?

So this year, I am resolving to do something different and daring...yet, something I have wanted to do my whole life.
I am going to learn to play the violin!
Now, at my ripe old age I don't foresee playing with the Philharmonic anywhere. However, I can see playing for myself and my own I can not fail at this resolution! I am not setting myself up for a career in music, just some fun on my own time...if I can do this, maybe next year, I'll learn to play the fiddle...LOL.
Get it?


Faiza said...

ahh i played the violin in grade 4. i'll never forget practicing hot cross buns for hours!

Claire Kiefer said...

I'm all about unique resolutions. Good luck with the violin!

Marz said...

I have no musical bone in my body - heck I can't even read music - so I wish I could be brave enough to learn how to play an instrument! I love that you're resolving to do something you've wanted to your whole life! That is so inspiring :) I thought about adding something daring to my list, like learning a new language. Good luck darling!