Friday, July 15, 2011

Wealthy in my Friends

I think we ALL have hard days.
The days where,
we may not need Cymbalta,
but we need a shoulder to cry on.

I am really weird about this.
I like to be the shoulder,
but rarely ask for one.

I know I need to sometimes.
Yet, I feel if I reach out...I am saying,
"Poor me, I am weak and need help".

Lately, I have had so many friends, many that are family, to just reach out to me.
I haven't asked for anything...they have just been there.
Inviting me to swim,
calling and asking about my day,
making fun of my "works in progress"...there are several,
praying for my job search,
and my addiction to spray painting everything...LOL.

Anyway, today...I am very wealthy in my friends.
And I am thankful.

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