Friday, July 29, 2011

Gnomeo and Juliet

Watched this adorable movie tonight.
Well, I fell asleep somewhere near the end,
but I have read the story it was based on (a time or two),
so I do not feel like I lost anything from the movie.

However, the cuteness of it all was to die for.
I think they are the most adorable gnomes.
Makes me just want to eat'em up.

I noticed  while "google-ing",
Hallmark has a Christmas ornament of this adorable couple this year.
I just want to take this time to say to my hubs and kids...


Marz said...

Cutest cartoon ever :) My husband took me to go watch it on Valentine's Day :) I love, love, love James McAvoy - even in gnome form he's adorable :) I could listen to his voice all day :)

Piimanyx said...

Love Comment Blog ♥ (5) Piimanyx (3/3)
I did'nt see this film because in France (but maybe in your country too) the cinema is really expensive >_< !!
But I'll like to see "Monster in Paris", I don't know if you know it ?!