Saturday, July 30, 2011

Kingsport Mall

it no longer looks like this,
but rarely is,
where you are,
as important as,
who you are with,
(Wow, that was a lot of commas...LOL.)

Took Claudia-loo shopping today for school clothes, uniforms, dinner, and a movie.
However, didn't seem right buying for one child when the other was not there.
Mr. Chad even came along, as well.

Buying uniforms is never a big deal:
khaki or navy bottoms,
red, white, or navy polo,
hair bows,
school supplies.

This year, though, 7th grade--something happens to the "tween" brain and it slowly starts morphing into the "teen" brain. Leg shaving, name brands, iPads, I think I got queasy when I bought 2 bikinis and an off-the-shoulder shirt.

Anyway, we watched The Smurfs, and to be honest, it wasn't that bad...and it made me remember, after all that I had been through that day...I still had a 12 year old!

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Jen Watts said...

Oh, I haven't been there in forever! So sweet, shopping and the smurfs!