Thursday, September 29, 2011

Hair bows and old age????

Today, I was so tired from yesterday's events,
and I knew I had Zumba today,
that I put my hair up in a ponytail.
(Yes, a ponytail like high school.)
I took my dress-down day at work
and sauntered in with yoga pants,
a t-shirt,and a sweat shirt on.

I was OK rockin' the pony,
but I one-upped and tied ribbon around it.
It looked cute and youthful,
but then I started thinking,
"for the love of God, I am 38 years old,
should I be wearing a ribbon in my hair?"

Don't get me wrong,
I would not come out of the house in a cheerleader bow.
(Well, I would try not to...LOL.)
However, I think ribbon is different than a bow...
or is this a bow?
And am I too old for this?
Just wonderin'.
What do you think?


PS. I love this pic b/c it looks like I was poppin' my collar or something, when in actuality...I was just talkin' with my hands...LOL.


Jen Watts said...

You can by all means wear a ribbon in your hair!! Mom says you're never too old for anything!

Jessica said...

I think your ribbon looks super cute and it seems to match your sweat shirt rather well. I don't think your too old. Maybe if you were 60. LOL