Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Black History Month

I have always loved Black History Month(BHM), although anyone that knows me...knows that I love history. I can't quote dates and times for you, but I love finding out the "specifics" of who did what, regardless of their race or sex (next month is Women's History Month).

Also, I appreciate the recognition of this "month"...yet, it makes me feel like we aren't progressing as a nation. I mean, shouldn't a person go down in history based on merit.

We live in a country that now has an African-American president--who by the way is half white, too. When will we celebrate his accomplishments? I hope not just in the month of February.

Our world should not separate what others have given to us based on the color of their skin. I know; I love peanut butter, but there was a lot more to George Washington Carver than that, right? He was a mentor to children...think of all the lives he touched, and a child could care less what color your skin is!

Don't get me wrong. I am not dismissing this month-long celebration. I'm just saying when we draw "color/sex" lines, it's like we're putting an asterisk by the accomplishment of the person that did it...and that's a horrible step backwards.

Mrs. B

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Shawn said...

Celebrating something only one day/month/time of the year? Yeah, we should choose to celebrate every time we think of it be it Valentines day or Black History Month!!

Let's celebrate Life!