Saturday, February 7, 2009

Facebook is an addiction!

"Hello, my name is Christy...and I'm an addict."

Chance are though, if you're on are, too...LOL.

I joined FB years ago when I was a student at UVA. I only joined b/c that was what everyone was talking about and they encouraged me to do it. (Thank God crack wasn't an "in" thing to be doing...LOL)

Anyway, I kept it...just never checked it. Well, recently I got an email saying I had a friend request. It was old friend from high school. I added the friend, and then looked at their friends, and then all of the sudden I'm back in touch with people I haven't spoken to in 15 years--give or take a few...LOL.

I've been on Myspace for years, as well...but it was just to spy on my teenage daughter. (I'm really not joking about that...LOL.) I then started adding my students (per requests) then became very youth(PG) oriented...LOL. I post cheerleading practice times, class assignments, comment on their pics. It keeps me a tad bit hipper than the other teachers.

Facebook, however, is all about people my age. Yes, the youth have invaded it, but I won't add them on mine (except for that teenage daughter...LOL). It's funny b/c it's still kind of the same as the other social networking sites--only we're older and doing it. I love looking at the pics and commenting on them AND I even found a friend that I had not spoken to in like 19 years...and she's still just as lovely and just as funny. This site is soooo awesome, so if I get behind on my know where to find me.

"Hello, my name is Christy...and I'm and addict...a facebook addict!"


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Mary&andJD Allen said...

I keep fighting the invitations to join facebook, myspace and tweeter (errrhmm Christy) I had a myspace about 5 years ago, before it was the thing to do. It caused some relationship problems so I deleted it and I suprisingly haven't regretted that choice yet. There is some business connection that JD recently joined, I wouldn't mind joinging that because it isnt social at all- just a place to find a job. A job which I will need in the near future.

Organic Meatbag said...

I converted from Myspace (haven't been on there in 2 years- hated it) to Facebook...yep, I'm an addict... wow, can't resist!