Friday, April 17, 2009

Derby Hat Time

There is absolutely nothing I like more about the Derby than the hats. I am a total "hat" girl. I love dressing up! I feel so regal and refined when sporting something atop my head quite possibly the size of a small UFO.

Yes, watching the ponies stirs my heart, but I would rather "people watch" all day. The hubs usually takes me to this hole-in-the-wall place in no man's land to watch the spectacle known as the prime jewel in the triple crown, and I still wear my hat! No one else there does, but rarely have I cared about other folks and their fashion sense.

So, forgive me, if on "Derby Day", I'm the weirdo girl in the redneck-iest bar wearing a hat sipping a drink that I had to explain to the bartender how to make...we are who we are...LOL.

Mrs. B

*For great hat ideas check this site out:

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