Monday, April 20, 2009

sad days, indeed...

...when the house is quiet because they are gone...I remember how much I like noise. No really, I like noise. Wait, what am I saying? I LOVE noise!

I love the roar of their hearty snickering when they both find something so amusing they can't contain their laughter.

I love hearing, "MOM, COME HERE...YOU HAVE TO SEE THIS!", when it is merely an advertisement for something I am never going to waste my money buying for them b/c they do not need it.

I love the sound of the same Guitar Hero song over and over b/c they are trying to master the "gig" b/c they need the money...LOL.

I love hearing the shower run and the loud SPLAT-SPLAT of the water as they push it out of their hair as they rinse.

I love the sound of love.

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