Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Scrapbook Room

The whole reason that we have a 5 bedroom house is for everyone to have their own bedroom and for mr. chad and I to have our own "hobby" rooms.

He is a gamer. so all he needs is a desk, chair and the computer. I, on the other hand, am a scrapbooker...therefore, I need lots of room!

We have been in the house for about 8 months now and I have not scrapbooked ONCE! Well, not in the scrapbook room, anyway. It is remotely organized, but I just need everything in order before I can do anything...and right now it's not in the order that I need it to be.

I have chosen the color and design scheme, but I really need a partner to help me pull it off. Mr. chad is great at so many things, but painting and room design is probably at the bottom of his resume'. I guess, I will have to wait until my best friend, C2, can pencil me in...she is the makeover queen...LOL...when she decides she's going to do something...she doesn't talk about it...she does it.

I need scrapbook room needs that...LOL.

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