Sunday, April 5, 2009

Miranda and Riki...2 of my favorite people!

I was so lucky to be able to meet Riki and Miranda for the weekend in the Cincy area. (Thanks, Mike. The view form the room at night was beautiful.) It was soooo much fun.

Miranda had a dance competition and it was "kind of a big deal". These were Bring It On-esque teams and it was on. Ok, so not that bad, but it was serious and yet still, a lot of fun. I, on the other hand, really like that stuff! I was ready to come home and open a dance school...LOL.

Miranda is 13 going on 30...if she only realized when you get to be want to be 13--again. (Even if it means you can no longer buy/have cocktails) However, she did her own thing and Riki and I got to spend some time together shopping and hanging out. I miss being able to do that with her. So often, I take for granted the time I spend with Karen, V, or any of my cousins that live around me. So, not only did I appreciate my time with Riki it made me thankful for my time with the others, too.

We talked about trying to get together over the summer, but with kids, everyone is so busy that it rarely happens. I think we will try harder this year, but who knows. The important lesson was that no matter how far away someone is, or how little you may get to see, friendship, and family always prevails in the end.

It was a good weekend.
Thanks girls!


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