Monday, May 3, 2010

48 hours of Happiness!

I'm finally rested enough to type, but I have so much joy in my heart, my fingers aren't working fast enough to put it all down. My daughter's prom was this past weekend and I drove 1000 miles to get to share it with her...2000 miles if you count the return drive home.

I went with her for her hair appointment, bought new earrings, then I did her makeup, I got to take pictures and help her get ready. It was such a wonderful experience, but I did promise her--and myself, that I would NEVER miss these experiences no matter which parent she was living with at the time.

After she was on her way to prom, Claudia and I dined at Olive Garden and went to Barnes and Noble for a few books. It was a perfect day that went by way to quick. I love my babies.

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Faiza said...

having my mom do my hair is one of the best memories of my childhood. i think i just fell a little more in love with you my friend!