Thursday, May 20, 2010

Turtle Rescuers.

My 7th graders read an amazing book, The View from Saturday. It was a wonderful and well written book, but it was the first book in a long time that altered my life. Yes, it gave me new information which made me second guess what I want to do when I get old...retire, if you will.

See, anyone that knows me (and my husband)...well, they know we don't see eye to eye on animals. I am not an animal person at all. To be 100% honest, I never was and when I say I have come a LONG way...I mean, I HAVE COME A LONG WAY.

If I haven't written about it before, Mr. Chad and his family are like flippin' Dr. Doolittle's. They will save and take care of any animal that needs it. I don't want any animals to die or suffer, but I don't need them as pets either. I was like this even as a kid. I didn't want a pony...and cats and dogs were not allowed in my room. Now, before all my PETA friends start whining and Pamela Anderson de-friends me on FB, I am merely giving you some background info on me to show you how my life has changed. How I have changed.

In this book that I read with the kids, there are a lot of characters (major and minor) that live in a "retirement community", but 2 that are Sea Turtle Rescuers. These old folks patrol beaches, count eggs, move eggs, count and rescue hatchlings. It is amazing! ...and it made me think, "Wow! I want to do that!".

However, we are not old and retired so I didn't give it much more thought...until today. It rained and rained and rained over the last few days and water was everywhere. I assume this turned the local terrapins around because they were everywhere, including trying to cross the road. Today, the hubs and I saved 2 turtles. They may not have been "sea turtles" and it may not have been a "sea turtle rescue", but it was a start and that is what matters.
Mrs. B


Faiza said...

thank goodness that you are an ever evolving woman!

i've never had pets and can't relate when co-workers can't go out after work because they have to "walk the dog" or "look in on the cats."

BUT...i do still have a soft spot for all animals and am super curious...will that make me a pet owner....never say never.

JD said...

If you plan on saving any more becareful - some do bite. I had one I tried to save in Lexington about the size of a small oven roasted turkey and it tried to bite me. I tried to push it off the road with my sandal but the dern thing snapped and hissed at me. - Kudos for saving one of God's creatures - just proceed with caution.